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2nd Gen Pre – ASIC Share Offered at Litecoin GEAR!

2nd Gen Pre – ASIC Share

LTCGear Offers 2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Shares

LTCGear is offering a new product called '2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Shares'.

It's a product that sells hashing power for the 2nd generation of ASIC mining gear that can mine Neoscrypt, Scrypt, X11, and Lyra2RE.

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LTCGear used to offer 'Pre-ASIC shares' prior to the arrival of ASICs in the summer of 2014, and it looks like this product is just the same for the 2nd generation of ASICs.

It offers

-13000 kH/s or 13 MH/s Neoscrypt algorithm

- 30000 kH/s or 30 MH/s Scrypt algorithm

- 95000 kH/s or 95 MH/s X11 algorithm

- Equivalent of (27 – 30)  x Radeon 290 Lyra2RE (estimate, final numbers after hard fork)

It looks like the idea is to step aside from Litecoin cloud mining where difficulty is rapidly rising, and to mine alternative algorithms other than scrypt that can generate greater mining profits in terms of Bitcoins.

2nd Gen Pre – ASIC Share

This graph shows the amount of Bitcoins the 2nd-Gen ASICs were able to mine in the past 7 days.

It's clear from the graph that LTC mining was the worst performer compared to DRK/VTC/FTC mining (and FTC was the best performer by far).

DRK/VTC/FTC are far more profitable to mine than LTC, and because difficulty levels for these alt coins tend to be stable (much more so than LTC), it makes great sense that Litecoin GEAR is targeting these coins with their 2nd-Gen ASICs.

You can mine DRK/VTC/FTC with Litecoin GEAR today if you purchase Dual Mods (which retail for $1200) along with regular ASIC Shares, but the sales point of 2nd-Gen ASICs is that they are much cheaper than the existing option of buying Dual Mods.

For example, to mine DRK

NOW : Dual Mods ($1,200) + 63 MH/s ASIC Shares ($189) = TOTAL of $1389 for 63 MH/s, or $22/MH/s

WITH 2nd Gen ASICS : 95 MH/s costs $295, which is ONLY $3.11/MH/s

The difference is significant!

While it's a little shocking that Litecoin GEAR, which started off as a Litecoin cloud mining company, is branching off of mining Litecoins, it's also reassuring that they are able to keep pace with the change in mining environment, and to shift their focus to the most profitable alt coins in terms of BTC.

During the 4 months that we have been using Litecoin GEAR, the service has always delivered (check out our LTCGear payout history), and to date, delivers excellent ROI.

We believe Litecoin GEAR will deliver with their 2nd-Gen ASICs which are due for arrival in mid-January.


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