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2nd Gen Pre-ASICs : We Placed Another Order for 10 Units!

2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Shares

2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Shares Ordered Again!

We ordered our 2nd set of 2nd Gen Pre-ASIC shares (10 unit) from LTCGear.

We had placed our first order for the 2nd Gen Pre-ASICs on December 11th, right before December 12th payout.

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After receiving our first payout, we learned that weekly ROI mining scrypt algorithm was around 2.05% (for last payout), which is actually not that attractive.

However, we also understood that once the mining gear arrives and the option to mine DRK/VTC/FTC becomes available, weekly ROI could skyrocket to 28.62% or even higher.

Although we thought of waiting until mid-January to place the order since the opportunity loss for waiting is minimal at a weekly ROI of around 2.05%, we decided to place the order now because there was no guarantee that stock would be available in January.

There has been constant inventory shortage at LTCGear with existing products that can mine DRK and VTC - Tricoin Pack and Dual Mods are almost always out of stock at LTCGear.

The same could happen to the 2nd Gens.  

We don't know for sure, but considering how difficult it is to obtain Tricoin Pack and Dual Mods today, we came to the conclusion that it would be wiser to diversify our order placement and to place some orders now, and then some later once the 2nd Gens actually arrive and start to hash (if there is inventory).

Currently, our order status is still 'On-hold', but payment in BTC has been completed already.

2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Shares

8% discount sign for Bitcoin payments could not be seen this time, but it appears that the 8% discount is still active.

2nd Gen Pre-ASIC Shares

We paid 0.77607568 BTC, which, at the current rate of 1BTC=$351.72 about 20 minutes after order placement, is $272.96, which is 7.5% OFF of the retail price of $295.


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