Monthly Cloud Mining Results

Cloud Mining Earnings September 2014


Our cloud mining earnings for September 2014 were as follows:

(1) Litecoin GEAR ( - 600.54893 LTC = 6.90631235 BTC (using Litecoin GEAR's Oct. 3rd LTC/BTC ratio of 0.0115)

ASIC 1K6X Anniversary (4 sets ordered)

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Sept. 6th - 163.64550 LTC

Sept. 12th - 138.11044 LTC (6 days only)

Sept. 19th - 147.39535 LTC

Sept. 26th - 151.39764 LTC

(2) Genesis Mining (Account 2) - 0.61658254 BTC

100MH/s Scrypt

(3) PB Mining - 0.04901237 BTC 

100 GH/s

Sept. 7th - 0.013145 BTC

Sept. 14th - 0.01276374 BTC

Sept. 21st - 0.01182371 BTC

Sept. 28th - 0.01127992 BTC

(4) Genesis Mining (Account 1) - 0.02585773 BTC

2MH/s Scrypt

(5) GAW Miners - 0.00404459 BTC

1MH/s Hashlet Solo CleverHashlet

(6) GAW Miners - 0.00630642 BTC

15MH/s Hashlet Solo MultiHashlet

TOTAL ((1)-(6)) Earnings for September 2014 - 7.608116 BTC


Our total earning from cloud mining contracts for September was 7.608116 BTC.

As of Sept. 30th, 2014, at 1BTC=$377, our earnings translated to about $2,868, but today, at 1BTC=$325 as of this writing, our September earnings would be around $2,472.

While the recent drop in Bitcoin price was significant as it momentarily broke the $300 mark, hitting an all-time-low for 2014, we're not too concerned as we believe bitcoin's value will rise over the long run.


We had cloud mining earnings from 6 different products and 4 different companies, but nearly 91% of earnings came from Litecoin GEAR alone, and roughly 8% was with Genesis Mining's Account 2.

Our cloud mining income breakdown looks like this with companies less than 1% of overall earnings omitted:

Cloud Mining Earnings

It's apparent that we're too focused with too few services!

Diversification is obviously our next agenda, and we are reviewing our current cloud mining contracts as well as new ones to reinvest in and diversify our portfolio.

Litecoin GEAR is the best performing mining contract among all the companies we have tested, already yielding 148.59% ROI (LTC) in 1.5 months, but no matter how good the results, it's important not to have all of our eggs in one basket!

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