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ASIC Share 15K0 - Black Friday "Mega" Pack Review

ASIC Share 15K0

LTCGear Releases ASIC Share 15K0 - Black Friday "Mega" Pack : 1,500 MH/s for $4,805

Litecoin cloud mining company LTCGear released a new product, 'ASIC Share 15K0 - Black Friday "Mega" Pack' which offers 1,500 MH/s of hashing in the Litecoin Network for $4,805.

'ASIC Share 15K0' is a more affordable version of 'ASIC Share 40K0' which was released toward the end of last week, offering 4,000 MH/s for $12,799.

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Price per MH/s for 'ASIC Share 40K0' is $3.1998/MH/s, and the price per MH/s for 'ASIC Share 15K0' is at $3.2033.

There is not much difference in the price per MH/s (less than 0.2% difference), so 'ASIC Share 15K0' is really just a smaller version of 'ASIC Share 40K0'.


Estimated ROI 6-8 payouts

Our 1,080 MH/s as of Friday Nov. 21st 2014 LTCGear payout yielded 172.67803 LTC.

'ASIC Share 15Ko' at 1,500 MH/s, 1.39 times our hash power, would have yielded about 240.02 LTC.

With the retail price of 'ASIC Share 15K0' at $4,805, at 1LTC=$3.53, that's about 1,361.19 LTC, and it would take 5.67 payouts to reach 100% ROI without taking into account the rise in difficulty.

In reality, difficulty levels are going up now, so 6-8 payouts to 100% ROI is a good estimate to have in mind.


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