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ASIC Share 1K83 - Special Review!ONLY $4.60 /MH/s!


ASIC Share 1K83 - Special Review

'anniversary1yr' Coupon for 'ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary' to be Deactivated

LTCGear just made an announcement that they will be deactivating the 'anniversary1yr' coupon for their flagship product 'ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary' (which we had purchased back in August 2014.  You can read details on our posts regarding LTCGear Payout.) in the near future.

The 'anniversary1yr' coupon offered a 49% discount to 160 MH/s of hashing power at LTCGear, bringing the price of 160 MH/s to $920.55.  The price of 1MH/s was $5.75/MH/s.

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New Product 'ASIC Share 1K83 - Special' Offers $4.60/MH/s, Better than Anniversary's $5.75/MH/s

Now, LTCGear is offering a new product that will offer 1 MH/s for $4.60/MH/s (Wow)!

'ASIC Share 1K83 - Special' offers 182.5 MH/s of ASIC hashing power for $839.  It's now available at LTCGear.  At $4.60/MH/s the price is by far the best among all scrypt cloud mining companies.

'ASIC Share 1K83 - Special' is basically an upgraded version of 'ASIC 1K6X - Anniversary' that provides more hash power for less.


About LTCGear

If you're not familiar with LTCGear, it's a Litecoin cloud mining service that has been around for over 1 year now, and we have had great success cloud mining with LTCGear.

As of our latest payout (November 14th, 2014 payout), we had earned about 1,331 Litecoins more by choosing to cloud mine with LTCGear than buying Litecoins coins at an exchange in August and simply holding on to them.

But, it should be noted that LTCGear is not perfect, and there have been small delays here and there with scheduled events like share multiplications or payouts that were frustrating for us in the beginning (although we've learned to accept these things), at the end of the day, they have always delivered (which is important).


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