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ASIC Share 3K0 Review (ONLY $3.00/MH/s!)

ASIC Share 3K0 Review

ASIC Share 3K0 - $3.00/MH/s (WOW)!

Since the end of Cyber Monday Sale, most products at LTCGear have been out of stock until just a while ago.

Stock for 'ASIC Share 3K0' at LTCGear has been loaded.

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'ASIC Share 3K0' offers $899 for 300 MH/s of hashing power.  This translates to $3.00/MH/s.

$3.00/MH/s a far better price per MH/s than what other scrypt cloud mining companies are offering.  As a point of reference, ZeusHash is currently offering $10.99/MH/s for orders over 1 GH/s.

Even among LTCGear products such as the recently released Black Friday "Mega" Pack Review series that offers $3.20/MH/s,  the price of $3.00/MH/s by 'ASIC Share 3K0' is more competitive.


Approximately 7-8 Payouts to 100% ROI

With 3,000 ASIC Shares (or 300 MH/s) that 'ASIC Share 3K0' is offering, last week's payout would have been  42.62 LTC.

At 1LTC=$3.5 (current LTC price), 42.62 LTC would have been $149.

If Litecoin difficulty remained flat, it would take 6 payouts to reach $899, which is the retail price for 'ASIC Share 3K0'.

Realistically, taking into upcoming difficulty increases, it should take 7-8 payouts to reach 100% ROI.


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