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ASIC Share 40K0 - Black Friday "Mega" Pack Review


ASIC Share 40K0 - Black Friday "Mega" Pack Review

Black Friday "Mega" Pack to Offer $3.20/MH/s!$12,799 for 4 GH/s!

Litecoin cloud mining company LTCGear launched a new product called 'ASIC Share 40K0 - Black Friday "Mega" Pack' towards the end of last week.

The product provides 4,000,000 KH/s or 4 GH/s of hashing power for $12,799.  We saw 4 items in stock over the weekend, but they are all sold out at the time of this writing.

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The cost per MH/s for this product is $3.20/MH/s, which is by far the lowest in Litecoin cloud mining.

As a point of reference, price per MH/s offered by other companies in this field are as follows:

ZeusHash : $10.99/MH/s (for orders over 1GH/s)

Genesis Mining : $14.99/MH/s (for orders over 100 MH/s)

GAW Miners (Multi Hashlet) : $6.95/MH/s (from 1 MH/s) 

As you can see, the price of $3.20/MH/s for Black Friday "Mega" Pack is the most competitive among all the major scrypt cloud mining services.


Black Friday "Mega" Pack Most Competitive $/MH/s Among Litecoin GEAR's Products

Litecoin GEAR's most popular product up to this point has been 'ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary', which is 160 MH/s that is available for $920.55  using the coupon 'anniversary1yr' (49% OFF).  That's about $5.75/MH/s.

ASIC Share 40K0 - Black Friday "Mega" Pack Review

Litecoin GEAR also offers 'ASIC Share 1K83 - Special' which provides 182.5 MH/s for $839.  This is a better offer than 'ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary', as the price per MH/s is $4.60/MH/s.

In fact, 'ASIC Share 1K83 - Special' is better than 'ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary' in every way that we would recommend buying 'Special' over 'Anniversary' to anyone considering a purchase from LTCGear.

ASIC Share 40K0 - Black Friday "Mega" Pack Review

While the price of $4.60/MH/s is attractive 'ASIC Share 1K83 - Special', Black Friday "Mega" Pack beats the per MH/s price by about 30%!


ASIC Share 40K0 - Black Friday "Mega" Pack' Ideal for Bulk Buyers 

Although the price tag of $12,799 is expensive if you are an average individual buyer, it could be appear 'cheap' if you were a bulk buyer looking to purchase hashing power in volume.

For example, if you were to purchase 4 GH/s at ZeusHash, it would cost you $43,960.  The same 4 GH/s at LTCGear costs $12,799.  If you were a volume buyer, you could be saving yourself $31,161 by choosing to buy from LTCGear.

For this reason, we believe that ASIC Share 40K0 is perfect for bulk purchases.

If you don't have enough cash to make a purchase by yourself, you may want to consider group buys that are being sponsored on various forums.


How Our Purchase Price at LTCGear Went From $5.29/MH/s to $3.41/MH/s

Another way to get a low $/MH/s is to simply hold on to your shares.

LTCGear offers FREE share multiplications every 6 weeks.  Because of this feature, your hash power increases every 6 weeks and consequently your purchase price goes down.

For example, when we purchased 4 sets of 'ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary' back in August, we paid $3,688 for 640 MH/s back then.  That's about $5.29/MH/s at the time of our purchase in August 2014 (to see how our purchase went, read our LTCGear Payout articles).

Today, after 2 share multiplications, our 640 MH/s has increased to 1,080 MH/s.

At 1,080 MH/s and the initial cost of $3,688, our purchase price would be $3.41/MH/s today.  We were surprised to find out that our purchase price of $3.41/MH/s is not far off from the price of $3.20/MH/s that Black Friday "Mega" Pack has to offer.

All we did while our purchase price went from $5.29/MH/s to $3.20/MH/s was to 'hold' and not to let go, despite numerous temptations to do so.  Although this takes time and a determination not to sell, it's one way to lower your purchase price at LTCGear.


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