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Best Scrypt Cloud Mining for Oct. 21st, 2014 : ZeusHash, Genesis Mining, or Zen Hashlet (GAW Miners)?

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining

Which company is providing the BEST scrypt cloud mining service?

Our best performing cloud mining, by far, is Litecoin GEAR with $5.76/MH/s.  However, while Litecoin GEAR has yielded great results for us so far, but we understand it is not a service for everybody since the level of anonymity surrounding its operations is high, and it is best suited for those with a deep understanding of cloud mining with high risk tolerance levels.

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There are 3 companies that are offering competitive pricing that are more suitable for anyone interested in cloud mining that is competing against each other over the mass market : Genesis Mining, GAW Miners, and ZeusHash.

All 3 companies started their cloud mining services this year in 2014, and are providing scrypt based cloud mining with a decent level of transparency and communications over their operations.

So, which one is the best in ROI among these 3 companies?

Looking at Oct. 21st scrypt cloud mining results, we have

No. 1:  ZeusHash - 0.63% daily ROI

No. 2:  Genesis Mining - 0.57% daily ROI

No. 3:  Zen Hashlet (GAW Miners) - 0.44% daily ROI.  0.00040146 BTC mined, 0.00020576 BTC maintenance fee, NET mining for Oct. 21st, 2014 at 0.0001957 BTC.  This is a daily ROI of 0.44% on our purchase price of 0.04457446808511 BTC.

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining

But, the ROI here is based on the Bitcoin/Litecoin prices upon our purchase, and since these contracts were purchased at different times, it would be better to use the same Bitcoin/Litecoin price for the purpose for comparing them.

If we take the current Bitcoin/Litecoin, we have  1BTC = $379.573 (BTC-e) and 1LTC=$3.861(BTC-e) .

Looking at each contract by yield amounts for Oct. 21st, we get

・ZeusHash (1MH/s) - 0.02707322 LTC

・Genesis Mining (100MH/s) - 0.01823962 BTC

・Zen Hashlet (1MH/s) - 0.0001957 BTC

This daily yield for Oct. 21st, when translated to USD using the exchange rates above, we get

・ZeusHash - $0.10

・Genesis Mining - $6.92

・Zen Hashlet - $0.07

Divide these yields by our total purchase price in USD for each product, which was

・ZeusHash (1MH/s) - $15.99

・Genesis Mining (100MH/s) - $1,499

・Zen Hashlet (1MH/s) - $20.95 (Zen Hashlets were $20.95/MH/s when we purchased them.  They are now $17.95/MH/s.)

then we get

No. 1:  ZeusHash - 0.63% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining

No. 2:  Genesis Mining - 0.46% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining

No. 3:  Zen Hashlet (GAW Miners) - 0.33% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining

Ranking results are much the same!


It shows that on Oct. 21st, 2014, ZeusHash's performance was performing better than Genesis Mining and much better than GAW's Zen Hashlet.

It's interesting to see that although ZeusHash's performance was better than Genesis Mining's despite the fact that ZeusHash's hashrate was slightly more expensive at $15.99 as opposed to Genesis Mining's $14.99 (considering that Genesis Mining's MH/s price is $17.99 for 1MH/s, ZeusHash is doing a great job with their pricing.  We only purchased too little from ZeusHash as it was our trial purchase.)

The difference could be attributed to difference in the pools they are using.

As for Zen Hashlets, they are performing noticeably worse than the other services in terms of ROI, and it shows that GAW's pricing for Zen Hashlets was too high from the end user's ROI standpoint.

GAW has recently discounted their Zen Hashlet prices from $20.95/MH/s to $17.95/MH/s, but even at the new price of $17.95/MH/s, daily ROI would still be 0.39%, lagging behind Genesis Mining's 0.46%.

These Oct. 21st results show that Zen Hashlets, despite their very attractive product design (which we like very much), may be an expensive option from an ROI point of view when considering scrypt cloud mining.


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