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Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service (Updated Nov. 23rd, 2014)!

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

It's been a while since we last compared all the scrypt cloud mining companies in October 30th, 2014, so we would like to revisit them to see if anything has changed.


Scrypt Cloud Mining Services Latest Net Payouts (Nov. 23rd, 2014)

Here's our net payouts from ZeusHash, Genesis Mining, Zen Hashlet, and Litecoin GEAR.  These are net payouts, after maintenance fees have been deducted.

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ZeusHash : 0.00480906 LTC (for 1 MH/s)

Genesis Mining :  0.00897691 BTC (for 100 MH/s)

Zen Hashlet (HashPoint Pool) : 18 Hash Points (for 1 MH/s)

Litecoin GEAR : 24.66829 LTC (daily average for the week of Nov. 14-20th) (for 1,080 MH/s)


Scrypt Cloud Mining Services Ranking Based on Our ROI

No. 1 : Zen Hashlet (HashPoint Pool) - 5.46% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

based on our purchase price of 0.04457446808511 BTC, 1 Paycoin=400 HP, 1 Paycoin=$20, and 1BTC=$369.53.  18 Hash Points is 0.045 Paycoins (at 1 Paycoin=400 HP), and 0.045 Paycoins is $0.90 at 1 Paycoin=$20.  At 1BTC=$369.53, $0.90 is 0.00243552620897 BTC, which is about 5.46% of our purchase price.  However, this depends on the value of 1 Paycoin.  Although GAW Miners is planning to launch Paycoin at $20 and has stated that they have many measures in place to prevent the price from going below $20 including reserves.

No. 2 : Litecoin GEAR - 3.36% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

based on our purchase price of 733.9157429703 LTC for 640 MH/s (which has now been upgraded to 1,080 MH/s after 2 share multiplications)

No. 3 : Genesis Mining - 0.28% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

based on our purchase price of 3.1801595384 BTC for 100 MH/s

No. 4 : ZeusHash - 0.11% daily ROI 

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

based on our purchase price of4.27540107 LTC for 1MH/s


Scrypt Cloud Mining Services Ranking Based on Today's Prices & BTC, LTC Rates

Since our ROI is based on contracts purchased on different occasions in the past with different USD, BTC and LTC prices, if we were to use today's BTC price of 1BTC=$369.53, and LTC price of 1LTC=$3.56, ROI from each service would turn out as follows:

No.1 : Zen Hashlet (Hashpoint Pool) - 6.02% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

Zen Hashlets now retail for $14.95/MH/s, a drop of nearly 30% from the time we bought purchased them at $20.95/MH/s.  $14.95/MH/s is about 0.040457 BTC at 1BTC=$369.53.  ROI for the daily yield of 18 Hash Points or 0.00243552620897 BTC would be 6.02%.

No. 2 : Litecoin GEAR - 1.77% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

We purchased 640 MH/s for $3,688, but our 640 MH/s has been upgraded to 1,080 MH/s thanks to 2 rounds of share multiplications.  If you were to purchase 1,080 MH/s today at LTCGear, you would need to purchase 5.918 sets of 'ASIC Share 1K83 - Special' (note : you can only buy 5 or 6 sets, so 5.918 is hypothetical, unless you purchase from a reseller that is selling smaller chunks), which would cost about $4,965.20 or at 1LTC=$3.56, would translate to about 1,394.719 LTC.  1,080 MH/s would yielded on average 24.66829 LTC as of last week, which would be a daily ROI of 1.77%.

No. 3 : Genesis Mining - 0.22% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

Genesis Mining's price for 100 MH/s remains priced at $1,499 - the same price that we paid for the contract.  At 1BTC=$369.53, 100MH/s at Genesis Mining would cost about 4.0565 BTC.  Based on November 23rd payout of 0.00897691 BTC, daily ROI would be 0.22%.

No. 4 : ZeusHash - 0.11% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

ZeusHash's price for 1 MH/s remains at $15.99/MH/s, the same price that we paid for our trial contract.  At 1LTC=$3.56, that's about 4.49157 LTC for 1MH/s.  November 23rd payout for 1MH/s would be 0.00480906 LTC (after maintenance fees), which would be a daily ROI of 0.11%.


Biggest Change From Oct. 30th Ranking was Zen Hashlets and Paycoin

We saw a decline in ROI for Genesis Mining (from 0.42% → 0.22% in daily ROI) and for ZeusHash (from 0.23% → 0.11% in daily ROI) while Litecoin GEAR remained stable (from 1.73% → 1.77% in daily ROI).  This drop in ROI for Genesis Mining and ZeusHash is largely due to the drop in payouts due to rising levels of difficulty.  Bitcoin price has remained rather steady (within 10%) at 1BTC=$341 on Oct. 30th, and 1BTC=369.53 today.

The biggest change we saw was in the ranking of Zen Hashlets.  On Oct. 30th, Zen Hashlets had a daily ROI of 0.13% and were performing the worst out of all companies compared.

Today, if you were to purchase Zen Hashlets at $14.95/MH/s, they would earn 6.02% in daily ROI, making Zen Hashlets the most profitable service in scrypt cloud mining, even more profitable than LTCGear, with which we have had great success so far.

Zen Hashlets suddenly went from worst to the best in a matter of less than 1 month, and the secret to the rise of Zen Hashlets is with Paycoin that GAW Miners is launching.  Our Zen Hashlet ROI caculations assume that

(1) 400 Hash Points will be converted to 1 Paycoin

(2) After the ICO, 1 Paycoin will equal $20 

Whether GAW Miners will be able to live up to its promise has yet to be known, but GAW's CEO Josh Garza appears to be extremely confident about their newly launching coin and has made public statements that with the ICO of Paycoin, their flagship product, Hashlet Primes, will become the most profitable miner in the world.

We should find out very soon with the ICO of Paycoin whether GAW's CEO is the new young hero in the world of crypto cloud mining or if he is just another salesman who can sell but cannot deliver.

We've decided to take the former interpretation, which is why we're mining Hash Points, and we certainly hope the ICO goes better than planned!

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