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Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service for Oct. 30th, 2014!

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

On October 21st, 2014, we compared daily ROI results from Genesis Mining, GAW Miners, and ZeusHash to see which scrypt cloud mining contracts were really worth investing in.

The review did not include Litecoin GEAR, which was well ahead of other services at a daily ROI of more than 2.5%.

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We found out that ZeusHash (0.63% daily ROI) performed the best among the 3 companies, with Genesis Mining (0.46% daily ROI) and Zen Hashlet (0.33% daily ROI) following.

However, we would like to reevaluate this ranking as there have been updates such as a significant raise in maintenance fees from ZeusHash and the recent underperformance of Zen Hashlets.

Looking at Oct. 30th, 2014 mining results, we have

No. 1:  Genesis Mining - 0.70% daily ROI 

No. 2:  ZeusHash - 0.23% daily ROI 

No. 3: Zen Hashlet (GAW Miners) - 0.18% daily ROI.  NET mining results for Oct. 30th, 2014 was 0.00008052 BTC.  Based on our purchase price of 0.04457446808511 BTC, our daily ROI if 0.18%.

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service 

However, ROI here is based on Bitcoin/Litecoin prices AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE.  Since each of the contracts were purchased at different times at different Bitcoin/Litecoin prices, it would be better for us to use one Bitcoin/Litecoin price to compare them.

The current Bitcoin/Litecoin prices at the time of this writing are

-Bitcoin: $341

-Litecoin: $3.78

each of the contracts were purchased for the following USD amounts:

-Genesis Mining: $1,499

-ZeusHash: $15.99

-Zen Hashlet: $20.95

IF they were purchased at the current Bitcoin/Litecoin prices, they would cost

-Genesis Mining: 4.39589 BTC

-ZeusHash: 4.23016 LTC

-Zen Hashlet: 0.06144 BTC

October 30th payout for each service are as follows:

-Genesis Mining: 0.01853225 BTC

-ZeusHash: 0.00981712 LTC

-Zen Hashlet: 0.00008052 BTC

October 30th, 2014 final ranking based on daily ROI turns out as follows:

No. 1: Genesis Mining - 0.42% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

No. 2: ZeusHash - 0.23% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

No. 3: Zen Hashlet - 0.13% daily ROI

Best Scrypt Cloud Mining Service

This is also the daily ROI you could expect to earn from these services if you purchased today.

ZeusHash has dropped in ranking from the previous review, but we were surprised to find out that it is still outperforming Zen Hashlets!

However, for ZeusHash and Zen Hashlets, the likelihood of seeing 100% ROI ever is low, with the expected rise in mining difficulty and decrease in payouts and daily ROI over time.

In choosing a scrypt mining service, if 100% ROI is a goal (and we know for some, it's actually not), it would make sense to go with Genesis Mining or Litecoin GEAR (although they are out of stock now) for now.

These rankings will constantly change with the rise of new services, and the fall of existing ones, so we'll try to update this topic regularly.



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