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Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contract with GAW Miners' Hashlet Genesis Priced at $7.95 for 10GH/s as Promo!GREAT PRICE!


Bitcoin Cloud Mining ContractGAW Miners' CEO posted a series of recent updates with GAW Miners on

Among the updates was a FREE 50% GH/s increase for owners of Genesis Hashlets, and a promotion for new buyers to purchase Hashlet Genesis at 7.95USD per 10GH/s, down from the old price of 9.95USD per 10GH/s.

The order is available at Cloud Mining ContractThis new price for Hashlet Genesis beats Genesis Mining's price of 9.79 USD (10GH/s, for orders over 10,000GH/s), and is a NEW RECORD LOW PRICE for bitcoin cloud mining.

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Coming from GAW Miners, which has quickly become a reputable company in the bitcoin mining space, this potentially marks the beginning of a new era in bitcoin cloud mining where a US based company (as opposed to offshore, where many cloud mining companies are operated from) with high levels of transparency is leading the market with great prices.

Previous price leaders in bitcoin cloud mining were either offshore based or extremely anonymous, but it looks like the scene is quickly changing.

This is great news for all existing owners of Hashlet Genesis as well as new buyers who were interested in bitcoin cloud mining!

You can check the rest of updates from GAW Miners' CEO here.


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