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Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services by Hash Rate (Oct. 27th, 2014)


Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

Here's a list of bitcoin cloud mining companies based on the total hash rate of the mining farms claimed by the service providers.

The biggest farms are those that are in the bitcoin hashrate distribution pie chart above - namely, KNC Cloud, Hashnest, and CloudHashing.

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Among the BIG 3 in bitcoin cloud mining, Hashnest appears to be offering the best price at 0.001125 BTC/GHS or $0.39/GH/s for a Lifetime Contract.

This is followed by CloudHashing, which has long maintained its expensive prices but is now discounting their services to $0.59/GH/s for a 1-year contract starting on December 1st, 2014.

We are looking to test both Hashnest and CloudHashing in the near future.

As for KNC Cloud, it appears that they have built a cloud mining service that has achieved another level of of transparency with the feature to trace payouts back to the blocks found by the pool, providing full transparency, which is really reassuring.

However, at $1.24/GH/s for a 1-year contract, KNC Cloud is still expensive, and we would like to wait to see if prices would drop further to levels where 100% ROI becomes realistic.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

1.  KNCMiner ( : 10+ PH/s

400GH/s for $249.00.  $0.62/GH/s for 6 months of cloud mining.  1-year of cloud mining would cost $1.24/GH/s.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

2.  CloudHashing ( 3.68 PH/s

$2.999/GH/s for 1-year of mining under 'Gold' contract (expensive!).  After Dec. 1st, 2014, Hash Sale at $0.59/GH/s for 1-year of cloud mining will be available.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

3.  AntPool ( 3PH/s

0.001125 BTC/GHS.  At the current price of 1BTC=$348.08, price is $0.39/GH/s for a Lifetime Contract (mining until the farm cannot cover the electricity/maintenance fees).

Maintenance fee is at $0.00318/GH/Day, and consist of 65.65% of daily earnings, which is quite large.  However, the price of 0.001125 BTC/GH/s, or $0.39/GH/s is still the most competitive pricing in the market even after taking into account maintenance fees.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

There are also second-tier, up-and-coming bitcoin cloud services with hashrates that are not yet large enough to make it to the hashrate distribution chart.

However, some of these smaller farms offer deals that are quite attractive.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

4.  PB Mining: 2,994 TH/s

0.0015 BTC/GH/s for a 5-Year Contract.  At the current price of 1BTC=$348.08, price is $0.52/GH/s.

We have been using PB Mining for over 5 months now, and we are satisfied with our results.

For details, please see our PB Mining Reviews.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

5.  Bitcoin Cloud Services: 951 TH/s

0.0016 BTC/GH/s for a 5-Year Contract.  At the current price of 1BTC=$348.08, the price is $0.56/GH/s.

With Bitcoin Cloud Services, there are no separate maintenance/electricty costs and everything is included in the price.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

6.  Hashlet Genesis : More than 315 PH/s

$0.795/GH/s for a Lifetime Contract.

Although we don't know the total hash rate of Hashlet Genesis, we do know from ZenCloud stats that the top 10 Genesis Users own 315 PH/s of mining power.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

7.  GR Mining: 33 TH/s

0.00145 BTC/GH/s for a 5-Year Contract.  At the current price of 1BTC=$348.08, price is $0.50/GH/s.

GR Mining is provided by The Print Wear Company, which is apparently based in Brasil.  The farm size is much smaller compared to the other farms.

While prices are competitive, second only to, the risk involved is also high considering that the service is new and the farm size is much smaller than the other services.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

8. 24.28 GH/s

$2/GH/s for a Lifetime Contract, with a 15% 'operating fee' deducted from mining income. seems like a small, but high-quality boutique type service, but the fee of $2/GH/s is too expensive to consider a trial run.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

There are also bitcoin cloud mining services that offer no information on their total hash rate.  We know ZeusHash and Genesis Mining from using their scrypt cloud mining services.

As for Megamine, while they are new to the game, their price of $0.58/GH/s (with payment in Bitcoins) is competitive, and their management appears established so we included them in the list.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

9.  ZeusHash : Hash Rate Unknown

$0.859/GH/s (for contracts over 1TH/s) for a Lifetime Contract.

We use ZeusHash's Litecoin cloud mining service and are very satisfied with how everything is going.  Their scrypt cloud mining is among the best in terms of actual ROI, second only to Litecoin GEAR.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

10.  Genesis Mining :  Hash Rate Unknown

$0.77/GH/s (for contracts over 10TH/s) for a Lifetime Contract.

We current use Genesis Mining for scrypt cloud mining.  They started out as a scrypt based cloud mining service, but recently began bitcoin cloud mining operations and are becoming increasingly more and more competitive in the bitcoin cloud mining scene.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

11.  MegaMine ( : Hash Rate Unknown

$0.68/GH/s (Mega Miner 10TH/s $6,800 Plan) for 1-year of cloud mining.

By using the 15% discount for Bitcoin payments, $0.68/GH/s becomes $0.58/GH/s.

Among these 2nd tier bitcoin cloud mining services, MegaMine is one of the few companies (along with Genesis Mining, Hashlet Genesis) where the face of management is visible, which is a big step forward in increasing credibility toward the service.


Overall, we are currently interested in giving the following services a try:

(1) Large mining operations, lowest prices 0.001125 BTC/GH/S, which at 1BTC=$348.08, is $0.39/GH/s.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

(2) Hash rate unknown, but credible management and competitive pricing at $0.58/GH/s

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services


(3) Large mining operations, prices at $0.59/GH/s.  We would like to try CloudHashing if $0.59/GH/s is still attractive in late November, 2014, as hashing only begins in December.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services

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