Bitcoin Trading Earnings

Bitcoin Trader ( Results - 41.02% ROI After 2.5 Months!


Bitcoin Trader Results

Trading Service - Bitcoin Trader (

Cryptocurrency Traded - Bitcoin

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Contract Length - 4 months

Payout Frequency - Every business day (except for holidays)

Amount Purchased - 80.00USD

Time Purchased - June 20th, 2014

ROI (as of 09/03/2014) - 41.02%

Bitcoin Trader Results

Bitcoin Trader Results - so far so good!  Bitcoin Trader at provides 2 services - (1) bitcoin mining service and (2) bitcoin trading service.

We gave (2) a try back in June with 80USD, and so far it has yielded consistent daily payouts (business days only), and we haven't had any problems cashing out our daily profits.

Cash-out is handled manually, so sometimes it takes hours, most likely due to the time difference, but it gets processed within 12 hours of submission, unless the following day is a holiday (they only process cash-outs on business days).

You can see the results of their trading service on their website:

Bitcoin Trader Results

Bitcoin Trader Results

While ROI with their (1) mining service is going down sharply (presumably due to increase in difficulty), August 2014 yielding 5.45%, their (2) trading service is performing much better at 14.73% in August 2014, though trading results are also on a slight downward trend.

Their trading results are still very good, considering these are MONTHLY results, NOT YEARLY.

The biggest risk with Bitcoin Trader is that we don't know if they are actually generating performing these trades or not.  There is always a possibility that it is a ponzi scheme.  Much has been discussed on online forums, but at the end of the day, no one really knows, including us.

While we are concerned about the possibility that their trading activity may not be genuine, if you look at prices on major bitcoin exchanges, it is not difficult to notice a price difference of +/- 1% of bitcoin price at any given moment.

So, IN THEORY, generating 0.5-1.0% per trading day, which is roughly the performance Bitcoin Trader has been doing lately, IS POSSIBLE.

They seem to be undergoing an audit today, on September 4th 2014, so we should find out more about their financial health, provided that the auditor they selected is trustworthy.

Bitcoin Trader Results

If you are going to give Bitcoin Trader a try, our advice would be to only put in amounts you feel comfortable losing.

Our experience has been positive so far with Bitcoin Trader with 41.02% return in less than 3 months, but we understand that Bitcoin Trader is very high risk at the moment (hence the high return).

Hopefully, they will share their audit results soon, as bitcoin exchanges Bitstamp and Huobi have done, and come out as a reliable bitcoin trading firm.

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