Bitcoin Trading Earnings

Bitcoin Trader Biz Results - 0.69% for Sept. 16th 2014 - Total ROI at 46.98%!


Bitcoin Trader BizBitcoin Trader's bitcoin trading arbitrage results were 0.69% on September 16th, 2014.

We have 80.00USD invested, so our yield for September 16, 2014 was 0.55USD.

Our total ROI since June 20th, 2014 when we made the investment is now at 46.98%.

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0.69% for September 16th, 2014 earned from Bitcoin Trader similar to GAW Miners' Hashlet SOLO Clever Mining's 0.53% on Day 1.

The difference, however, is that with cloud mining payouts fall quite sharply due to ever increasing levels of mining difficulty, while with trading, profits are more stable in the long run.

Of course, trading profits are also affected by the level of competition which should only continue to grow as more and more find arbitrage opportunities in bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Trader Biz

However, the pace of this happening must be slower (assumption only, no data to validate claim).

For example, bitcoin difficulty has risen nearly 21 times since the beginning of 2014, but has the level of competition in bitcoin trading arbitrage gone up at the same pace?  Not likely, though we don't have official data to back our observation.

For this reason, we believe that bitcoin trading is likely to remain profitable longer than cloud mining that have no hashrate auto-upgrade function (most cloud mining services don't have this at this moment).

However, we would like to see more transparency from Bitcoin Trader (next step being their audit report, which we're looking forward to), and it would be good to see more companies entering the bitcoin trading arbitrage space so there is healthy competition leading to better services.


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