Bitcoin Trading Earnings

Bitcoin-Trader Result - Sept. 15th, 2014 - Total ROI at 46.29% / Purchased Genesis Mining 100MH/s at NEW Price


Bitcoin-Trader Result

Results for Bitcoin Trader's trading pool was 0.70% for September 15th, 2014.  Since we have 80.00USD invested, the daily return for September 15ht was 0.56USD.

We purchased our share with Bitcoin Trader on June 20th, 2014, so nearly 3 months ago, and our ROI is now at 46.29%.

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Aside from Bitcoin Trader results, we purchased 100MH/s of Scrypt mining at Genesis Mining.

Bitcoin-Trader Result

Genesis Mining has always offered the widest selection of altcoins for cloud mining, but until recently, their prices were way too high.

We had purchased 2MH/s at 360USD back in May 2014, but we were only at around 30% ROI at the beginning of September, and it looks like achieving 100% ROI is out of the question with our first account (Account 1).

However, we had not given up on Genesis Mining as the depth of their altcoin selection was attractive, and we were impressed with their internal admin which allows for flexible mining allocation - ie, 10% bitcoin, 50% litecoin, 40% dogecoin, etc.

Then, last week, Genesis Mining reduced their prices, and they began offering 100MH/s for 1,499USD, which is 14.99USD/MH/s.

This is a HUGE discount considering their price in May of 180USD/MH/s!

So, it's fair to say Genesis Mining's price was quite high in the beginning, but we're glad Genesis Mining has realized this and worked to improve it.

Now, at the current price level, Genesis Mining offers one of the lowest prices in both bitcoin and altcoin cloud mining, which is why we decided to give Genesis Mining a second try with Account 2.

In the beginning, we plan to set payouts to bitcoin, and later plan to try other altcoins once we do our homework and figure which altcoins are profitable and/or have long term growth potential.

We'll make sure to post regular updates here on how Genesis Mining (Account 2) goes!

Bitcoin-Trader Result

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