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Clever Hashlet Payouts - Sept. 30th - Oct. 8th - TOTAL ROI at 21.42% After 23 Days!


Clever Hashlet Payouts

Clever Hashlet ROI 21.42% After 23 Days of Cloud Mining

Our last review of Clever Hashlet at GAW Miners was on Sept. 29th when TOTAL ROI from Clever Hashlet was at 10.19%.

Since then, our payouts have continued to accumulate, and currently our total earnings are at 0.00792756 BTC, which is a return of 21.42% on our investment of approximately 0.037 BTC for 1 MH/s of Clever Hashlet.

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Clever Hashlet Payouts

We started mining on Sept. 16th, 2014, so this is a result of 23 days of cloud mining at GAW Miners (with their Clever Hashlet).


Clever Hashlet Top Performing Hashlet Along with Zen Hashlets

Among the Hashlet Solos that are available now, it turns out that Clever Hashlet was a pretty good choice in terms of ROI, although we did not know this at the time of purchase.

We did a comparison of ROI among the 4 different Hashlets from Sept. 29th through Oct. 6th, and Clever Hashlets did almost as well as Zen Hashlets, making the 2 Hashlets the best performing Hashlets in terms of ROI during that time frame.

Clever Hashlet Payouts

Hash Market A Great Place to Buy Clever Hashlets

If we were to purchase additional Clever Hashlets, we would do so from Hash Market, where prices are max 15-19% OFF Retail.  There is a 5% charge for buying from Hash Market, but it is still cheaper than buying retail.

One of the risks of buying second-hand cloud mining contracts is the contract expiry date - even if a contract looks appealing in terms of price, if the remaining contract length is short, it could turn out to be that the deal is not worth as much as it appears to be.  But, with Hashlets, they are good for life, so second-hand or not doesn't really matter.


Clever Hashlet Falls Short in Performance Compared to Genesis Mining

Compared to Genesis Mining's 100MH/s Scrypt Mining, which has yielded 26.30% after 22 days of cloud mining, Clever Hashlets fall short.

However, this was expected from the beginning as Genesis Mining was offer 100MH/s at $14.99/MH/s, whereas Clever Hashlets were selling for $16.95/MH/s.

The difference in price was 11.56%, but the current difference in earnings is 18.56% (since Genesis Mining's numbers are based on 22 days of earnings as opposed to 23 days for Clever Hashlets, the difference in earnings would actually be greater).

We thought the difference was most likely due to the maintenance fees that are not visible from the retail price, but it turns out that both GAW Miners and Genesis Mining charge $0.08/day/MH/s for maintenance.

Clever Hashlet Payouts

Clever Hashlet Payouts

We're not sure why the difference is there, but we do know that Genesis Mining appears to be performing better than Clever Hashlet, beyond the retail price difference.


But, GAW's Transparency and US-Base is Reassuring

But, the difference is tolerable (for us), and we like the level of transparency that GAW Miners has achieved and the fact that it's a US-based company (there aren't many US-based companies in the cloud mining arena, yet).

We'll continue to look into GAW Miners product line, especially the Hash Market for good deals.

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