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Clever Hashlet Review & The BEST Hashlet Solo Product (GAW Miners) out of Clever, Waffle, Multi, and Zen Hashlets!


Clever Hashlet Review

Clever Hashlet Review

Clever Hashlet ROI 8.11% After 8 Days of Cloud Mining

How did Clever Hashlet perform during the 8 days between Sept. 29th and Oct. 6th 2014 compared to all the other Hashlet Solos?

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Clever Hashlet is a little unique for us because this was the first Hashlet Solo we had tried, and it was activated earlier than the other Hashlets.

We will cover the TOTAL ROI of Clever Hashlet in a separate posting, and here, focus on mining performance of Clever Hashlets between Sept. 29th and Oct. 6th.

Clever Hashlet's output during the 8 days between Sept. 29th and Oct. 6th was 0.00292638 BTC.

We have been using our purchase cost of 0.037 BTC for reporting Clever Hashlet ROI thus far, which comes from Bitcoin's price at $458, but since all the other Hashlet Solo's ROI was calculated with Bitcoin's price at $470, we will use this figure only for this posting to see how Clever Hashlet performed IF it were purchased at the same time as the other Hashlet Solos.

Clever Hashlet costs $16.95, so at 1 BTC=$470, our purchase cost would have been 0.03606382978723 BTC.

Clever Hashlets' output of 0.00292638 BTC would translate to 8.11% in ROI for the 8 days of mining.


Clever Hashlet Among the Best Performing Solos Along with Zen Hashlet

Compare this to the performance of the other 3 Hashlet Solos, we get

#1. Zen Hashlet ($20.95/MH/s) : ROI 8.13%

#2. Clever Hashlet ($16.95/MH/s) : ROI 8.11% ROI

#3. Multi Hashlet ($15.95/MH/s) : ROI 5.66%

#4. Waffle Hashlet ($17.95/MH/s) : ROI 4.53%

The end result is that Clever Hashlet is only second to Zen Hashlet, but by only 0.02%, making Clever Hashlet almost as equally appealing as Zen Hashlet among the 4 Hashlet Solos.

It's clear based on the performance of these 8 days that Zen Hashlet and Clever Hashlet are the 2 leading Hashlet Solo products, leaving Multi Hashlet and Waffle Hashlet far behind.

Although there is no guarantee that this trend is going to continue in the future, for the time being, Clever Hashlets and Zen Hashlets are the best performing Hashlet Solos at GAW Miners.

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