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Cloud Mine Vertcoin with Tricoin Pack M10 or Dual Mod M10s at LTCGear!


Cloud Mine Vertcoin

Vertcoin (VTC) is one coin that is not very well known but remains profitable.

If you haven't heard of Vertcoin, it's understandable because it's currently ranked #59 on, and it's a super niche coin among the different altcoins around.

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Cloud Mine Vertcoin

It's not a new coin, however, and it has been around since early this year.

In terms of market cap, it has not doing that well, having started off at below $100,000 in January, then quickly jumping up to over $9 million, only to fall all the way to the current price of $349,395.

Cloud Mine Vertcoin

Unlike Litecoin where the difficulty tends to rise despite prices dropping, Vertcoin's difficulty is on a steady downward trend, indicating that miners are not too enthusiastic about this coin for the moment.

Cloud Mine Vertcoin

However, despite all these trends, Vertcoin remains a profitable coin to mine at LTCGear.

LTCGear is widely known for its ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary product, which is retailing for $1,805 but is available at an anniversary 51% discount price of $922 (plus 8% more discount with payment in Bitcoins) using the coupon 'anniversary1yr' (coupon still works), but one of LTCGear's hidden gems is Vertcoin (VTC).

For example, If you had purchased Tricoin Pack M10 at LTCGear for $1,379, which entitles you to 630 ASIC Shares or 63 MH/s worth of Vertcoin (Scrypt-N) cloud mining power, the most recent payout would have yielded 4.26957510 VTC for 1 week of cloud mining.

Cloud Mine VertcoinFor 630 ASIC Shares, that' 2,689.832313 VTC.

At last week's ratio of VTC/BTC=0.00014, 2,689.832313 VTC equalled 0.37657652382 BTC, which, at 1BTC=$358 (Oct. 3rd rate at Bitstamp) would have been $134.81.

With Tricoin Pack M10 costing $1,379, weekly ROI would have been 9.78% and it would take approximately 11 weeks, or little less than 3 months to reach 100% ROI.

In terms of reaching 100% ROI, LTCGear's ASIC Share 1K6X - Anniversary has successfully delivered 100% ROI for us in just 6 weeks and 2 days, which is only 1.5 months.

The difference between the Tricoin Pack M10 and 1K6X Anniversary is that with litecoin cloud mining, difficulty will most likely go up quickly and payouts will go down rapidly, while with Vertcoin, difficulty is currently on a slow decline, and payouts are slowly increasing.

Cloud Mine Vertcoin

Of course, if Vertcoin's exchange rate plummets, it wouldn't matter if payouts went up in Vertcoins, but in reality, Vertcoin's exchange rate with Bitcoin is getting worse but slowly, and slow enough that its payout value in BTC has remained somewhat constant.

LTCGear is currently the only place we have found that currently offers Vertcoin (VTC) cloud mining.

Right now, we are seriously considering Vertcoin as a place to reinvest our cloud mining earnings in the near future along with other coins, which is why we were digging up all this info.

At LTCGear, Tricoin Pack M10 is a good combo pack if you want to switch between Litecoin, Feathercoin, Vertcoin, and Darkcoin, but Dual Mod M10 (or M8, M2, M1) is worth considering if you already own ASIC Shares.

Cloud Mine Vertcoin

While Tricoin Pack M10 works by itself, the Dual Mod series are modules (hence 'Mod') that are added to existing ASIC Shares (or Farm Shares), so you need to own some ASIC Shares to attach the module to - in the case of Dual Mod M10, you would need 630 ASIC Shares.

If you didn't know about Vertcoin (VTC), it's a coin worth looking into, and the more you find out, the more impressed you may be!

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