Cloud Mining Worth It ? Why We Started

Cloud Mining Worth It

We're not miners, but we believe in the long term potential of cryptocurrencies, and wanted to find reliable cloud mining companies that can mine cryptos on our behalf.

However, there was limited information available on the internet about cloud mining companies, so we decided to do our own research and try them ourselves, and decided to open this blog to post updates on how each service was working out.

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The cloud mining space, like bitcoin itself and bitcoin services companies, has a lot of potential as an investment - to illustrate this point, bitcoin services company DigitalBTC, which is a listed and audited company on ASX, announced achieving 100% ROI on their bitcoin mining operations in less than 4 months. 

Cloud Mining Worth It



We believe returns like this, at this point in time in bitcoin's history (Sept. 2014) , is actually possible by selecting the right cloud mining company.

We try our best to find the best cloud mining companies that can deliver 100% ROI.  With the right cloud mining company, cloud mining is definitely worth it.

So the challenge is to separate the good apples from the bad ones, and only try to eat the good ones.

This blog serves as our experiment and our notebook.  You can read which services we're more bullish about from the amount of investments we are making for each service.

It should be noted that while we try our best to avoid the bad apples in the first place, there is always a possibility that we may fall for a scam disguised as a cloud mining operation.

Please make sure to do perform own due diligence when purchasing contracts with cloud mining companies.

We try our best to avoid untrustworthy companies, while not closing doors to companies just because of high levels of anonymity.

There are also companies with great transparency and reliable marketing offering terrible prices that will never lead to 100% ROI, and we try to avoid these as well.

If you have services you would like us to check out, please drop us a line and we will consider trying out the service (no guarantees though).


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