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Cloudhashing Reviews - Cloudhashing No Longer Expensive!Hash Sale at Incredible $0.59/GH/s!


Cloudhashing Reviews

Pioneer bitcoin cloud mining service Cloudhashing is conducting a Hash Sale for $0.59/GH/s!

This is a great offer considering that the top offers in the bitcoin cloud mining space is $0.70/GH/s (at 1BTC=$370) by PB Mining, GAW Miners' Hashlet Genesis at $0.895 GH/s, and Genesis Mining's $0.979/GH/s.

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It is essentially the 'cheapest' offer for bitcoin cloud mining that is available in the market among reputable companies.  Coming from Cloudhashing, which has established itself as a 'pioneer' in this field, is a big assurance factor for potential investors/buyers.

However, the deal is a 1 year contract that only runs from Dec. 1st 2014 to Dec. 1st 2015.

We still have 1 month and about 20 days to go before hashing begins.

During this time, bitcoin mining is likely to go up, and competition is likely to offer better prices per GH/s, especially considering that December is Christmas season.

Despite these concerns, the price is still attractive, and coming from Cloudhashing, which has made a name for itself as a trustworthy company, but had prices that were just too expensive to ROI (their best offer is still at $2,999 for 1TH/s, which is $2.999/GH/s, about 3 times more expensive than the leading bitcoin cloud minning companies), the price of $0.59 GH/s is definitely worth considering, even if hashing begins on December 1st, 2014.

Cloudhashing Reviews

We plan to watch how the market price for bitcoin cloud mining changes over the next 1.5 month, and plan to decide on purchasing the contract towards the end of November at last minute.

There is the risk that they would run out of inventory of course, but most cloud mining companies have had no problem with having adequate levels of inventory so we plan to 'wait and see' until the last minute.

But, we're happy to see Cloudhashing has decided to go ahead with this sale, it will be a great step for the company to regain its competitiveness in price (which it had completely lost with the rise of new bitcoin cloud mining companies) and possibly further expand its market share.

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