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Confirmed : Feathercoin Mining Payouts Still Possible at!

Feathercoin Mining

We explained in an earlier article on 'Coin choice' function at and stated that payments in Feathercoin (FTC) were no longer available, but we were wrong about this.

We had assumed that Feathercoin was no longer a payment choice as it does not appear in the 'Coin choice' selection in the admin screen at Litecoin GEAR.  There is a choice of X11, Scrypt-N, LTC, BTC, and FTC was not there to be found.

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However, we saw Feathercoin in the 'Farm Payments' page on Oct. 3rd, 2014 payout, which made us question whether Feathercoin payouts are still possible.

Feathercoin Mining

We decided to verify with the admin, who is known as 'Chris', and he replied within 24 hrs explaining that Feathercoin payouts are still possible provided that the following conditions are met:

(1) 'Coin choice' is not BTC

(2) You have an FTC address filled in

So, if you own ASIC 1K6X Anniversary products at LTCGear like us, then our payout options are in Feathercoin, Litecoin, or Bitcoin.

Here are the steps to take to be paid in each coin:


To Receive Payouts in Feathercoin (FTC) at :

(1) don't select BTC at 'Coin choice' → select 'LTC' (as 'X11' and 'Scrypt-N' are not applicable to ASIC1K6X Anniversary product)

(2) Make sure all 4 wallet addresses are filled

(3) Make sure FTC address is filled for Scrypt address (LTC/FTC)

Feathercoin Mining

To Receive Payouts in Litecoin (LTC) at :

(1) Select LTC at 'Coin choice'

(2) Make sure all 4 wallet addresses are filled

To Receive Payouts in Bitcoin (BTC) at :

(1) Select BTC at 'Coin choice'

(2) Make sure all 4 wallet addresses are filled


Another issue we are trying to solve right now is why we received BTC payouts despite following the protocol for Litecoin payouts for Oct. 3rd, 2014 payout.  Apparently, many users are reporting the same problems, while others have reported successfully receiving LTC following the same protocol as us.  We are not sure why.

There has been no explanation from Litecoin GEAR yet, but we will update once we here from them.

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