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DNotes Mining (NOTES) Available at Genesis Mining!



DNotes Mining Added at Genesis Mining

DNotes Mining

Genesis Mining announced addition of DNotes to their list of coins that can be mined under their Scrypt mining contracts.

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The last coin that was  added to Genesis Mining prior to DNotes was Viacoin 1.5 months ago in late September 2014.  It's good to see Genesis Mining expand their list of mineable Altcoins, which is already largest in the industry.


To Mine DNotes, Just Allocate Hash Power to 'NOTE' on 'MINING ALLOCATION' Page

DNotes Mining

If you have an account at Genesis Mining, you can start mining DNotes by going to 'MINING ALLOCATION' in your account and choose 'NOTE'.

Once you allocate your hash power to 'NOTE' and set your wallet address for payouts, you can start receiving daily payouts in DNotes!


DNotes (NOTE) 46th Most Valuable Altcoin (as of November 15th, 2014)

We hadn't heard of DNotes (NOTE) before until this announcement, but it's currently ranked as the 46th most valuable altcoin at

Considering that there are currently 537 coins listed at, DNotes is in the top 10th percentile of all altcoins in terms of coin market cap.

DNotes Mining


The Value of DNotes Has Been Steadily Rising (Unlike Most Altcoins)

DNotes Mining

We were also surprised to find out that the value of DNotes has been steadily increasing since its debut in late February 2014.

It's rare to see a steady rise in value like this with altcoins.  It's much more common for an altcoin to go through a 'pump and dump' phase where the value of the coin goes up multiple fold within a matter of months from launch, only to be 'dumped', and the value to plummet.

Compared to many altcoins, DNotes appears as a 'steady' coin that has been able to store and appreciate its value.  We don't know why or how this is happening, but it's a trend that miners would appreciate.


What's Unique About DNotes?

DNotes Mining

We believe that for an altcoin to succeed, it needs a competitive advantage, just as businesses need competitive advantages to grow beyond a certain scale.

With DNotes, we've gone through their website at, but we're still not sure what makes DNotes unique.

With Darkcoin, it's all about 'anonymity', and with Litecoins, it's about becoming the 'silver of digital currencies (when Bitcoin is the gold)'.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find that unique 'catch' with DNotes.

Although their coin market cap has been growing steadily, we still believe that for an altcoin to succeed on a big scale, it needs a competitive advantage, which, from what we've seen so far, DNotes appears to be lacking.

For this reason, we're not bullish about DNotes long-term future in terms of standing out among all the altcoins, but it could be a profitable coin to mine/trade in the short term.



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