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Feathercoin Cloud Mining at Officially Finished!Make Sure to Change Your FTC Address to a LTC Address!

Feathercoin cloud mining has a new update on Feathercoin cloud mining.

According to the new announcement, Feathercoin cloud mining will be disabled starting this week as the scrypt has changed from scrypt to neoscrypt.  In the future, Feathercoin mining at may be reactivated if mining is worth the effort at that time, but nothing is determined at this point.

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We put up an explanation on how to setup Feathercoin payouts at a while ago, but if you still have a Feathercoin address setup under 'Scrypt address (LTC/FTC)', make sure to change your Feathercoin wallet address to a Litecoin address!

We won't be changing any addresses as our wallet addresses have always been set for Litecoin, as Litecoin has been the better performing coin compared to Feathercoin at for the past 4 out of 6 weeks.


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