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LTCGear Share Multiplication !Shares to be Multiplied on Sept. 22nd 2014!


LTCGear Share Multiplication

Update from Litecoin GEAR ( states that share multiplication will take place on September 22nd, 2014.

Aside from providing the BEST price per MH/s in scrypt cloud mining, Litecoin GEAR also offers FREE share multiplications every 6 weeks.

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FREE share multiplications are offered to compensate for the rising levels of difficulty in litecoin cloud mining.

Litecoin difficulty was at 12,095 on June 19th, 2014, but in just 3 months, difficulty is now at 33,203.  With difficulty up almost 3 times in just 3 months, weekly payouts would decline sharply if hashrate remained steady.

LTCGear Share Multiplication

Weekly payouts would shrink rapidly unless additional hash-rate is purchased or unless difficulty goes down, which happens here and there for brief periods of time with litecoin, but not consistently (the consistent trend is UP!).

Litecoin GEAR understands this issue and tries to provide consistent payouts by giving FREE share multiplications to its share owners every 6 weeks.

So far, they have had 4 share multiplications, and the upcoming share multiplication is the 5th.

Multiplication multiple has not been announced, but it is estimated on forums that the multiplication factor would be in the range of 1.35 - 1.50.

This means if you have 6,400ASIC Shares (like we do), then these shares would be multiplied by 1.35 - 1.50, yielding 8,640 ASIC Shares if multiple is 1.35, and 9,600 ASIC Shares if multiple is 1.50.

We don't know the multiple at this point in time, and we have been told it would be announced once multiplication has been completed - so we're guessing on September 22nd.

This is a very considerate service, and the only other company we are aware of that offers a similar service is GAW Miners' HashletPrime.

HashletPrime upgrades over time, like Litecoin GEAR's 'share multiplications', but HashletPrime is being sold for 49.95USD/MH/s, whereas Litecoin GEAR's ASIC Shares are available at 5.3USD/MH/s, using their 1 year Anniversary coupon.

Litecoin GEAR ( LTCGear ) offers the BEST price per MH/s along with FREE share upgrades every 6 weeks - this is why the site has been quietly gaining immense popularity lately!

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