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Gaw Hashlet Review (CleverHashlet) - Sept. 28th 0.64%, Sept. 29th 0.65% - TOTAL ROI at 10.19% After 14 Days!

Gaw Hashlet ReviewOur results for GAW Miners' CleverHashlet (1MH/s) has been the following for Sept. 28th and 29th:

Sept. 29th — Payout 0.00044720 BTC - Maintenance Fee 0.00020896 BTC = NET Payout 0.00023824 BTC (daily ROI 0.64%)

Sept. 28th — Payout 0.00044346 BTC - Maintenance Fee 0.00020248 BTC = NET Payout 0.00024098 BTC (daily ROI 0.65%)

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We have approximately 0.037 BTC invested for 1MH/s of CleverHashlet, and our TOTAL earnings after Sept. 29th payout is at 0.00377144 BTC, which translates to an ROI of 10.19%.

We saw a new LOW in daily ROI at 0.52%, but daily ROI made a slight rebound on Sept. 28th and Sept. 29th.

Gaw Hashlet Review

So far, we have been updating our trial of HashletSolo CleverHashlet, but there are 3 other Hashlets for sale.  We had purchased the remaining Hashlets (Multipool, Zenpool, and Wafflepool) a while ago, but had not found the time to activate them.

Gaw Hashlet ReviewWe're glad to announce that they have finally been activated, and that we would be making regular reviews and updates on the 3 remaining HashletSolos in the near future to see which HashletSolo is, indeed, the best!

As for Hashlet Genesis and HashletPrime, we have not purchased them yet, but they are on our watch list right now.

We were going to purchase Hashlet Genesis when the $7.95/10GH/s price was announced, but since the price has been increased to $8.95/10GH/s we have not made the purchase yet and don't know if we will at this point in time.

If you have other cloud mining services you would like us to test out and review, please let us know and we will definitely consider it (although, we can't provide any guarantees that the service will be reviewed)!

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