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GAW Miners Hashlet CleverMining Results - 0.53% ROI on Day 1!


GAW Miners HashletSo far, we had tested Genesis Mining, Litecoin GEAR, and PB Mining for cloud mining.

At this point, Litecoin GEAR is yielding the best results (88.40% ROI After 3 Weeks and 2 Days with Litecoin GEAR), PB Mining yielding the second best results (79.98% ROI After 17 Weeks with PB Mining), and Genesis Mining's original plan (Account 1) was way below our expectation (Only 31% ROI After 3 Months...).

However, since new cloud mining services have been launching in the past month, we decided to give Genesis Mining another try with their NEW Pricing, along with GAW Miners' cloud mining service.

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With Genesis Mining, we're still waiting for our 1st payout, but here are details of our 1st payment from GAW Miners' cloud mining product HashletSolo (Clevermining).

GAW Miners is currently offering 5 types of HashletSolos based on 5 different pools.  Clevermining's CleverHashlet is priced at 16.95USD/MH/s.

On Day 1 of cloud mining, 1 MH/s yielded 0.00019579BTC, which is 0.089 USD, or 8.9 cents at the current bitcoin price of 1BTC=457.93USD.

GAW Miners Hashlet

This is an yield of 0.527%, or 0.53% on Day 1.

If this trend continues and the difficulty remains flat, by Day 30, we will have reached 15.80% in ROI, and it will take a little bit over 6 months to reach reach 100% ROI.

However, in reality, difficulty will rise and payouts will decrease over time, so we want to see how much the drop will be in the 1st month and see if it would be possible to reach 100% ROI with Hashlet Solo Clevermining.

Since bitcoin price fluctuation will have enormous effect on whether ROI is reached, we want to measure ROI in BTC so we know that if we reach 100% ROI in BTC, that it was a good decision to buy Hashlet Solos, but if we don't reach 100% ROI in BTC, but reach 100% ROI in USD, we know we would have been better off just buying bitcoins at the time of investment and holding on to them rather than to have invested in Hashlet Solos.

We paid 16.95USD for 1MH/s of HashletSolo Clevermining, which is 0.0370143908 BTC, or approximately 0.037 BTC.

If we get back 0.037 BTC, we would be happy to have invested with HashletSolo Clevermining, but if our payouts don't accumulate to 0.037 BTC, even if we achieve 100% ROI in USD due to bitcoin appreciation, we would have been better off just exchanging 16.95USD to 0.037 BTC and holding on to the bitcoins.

Let's see what happens!


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