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Genesis Mining Altcoin Lifetime Contract New Pricing Structure a 'LIMITED OFFER'!


Genesis Mining Altcoin Lifetime Contract

Just yesterday, Genesis Mining restocked their inventory for Altcoin Mining Contracts and also introduced new prices for their Altcoin Mining Contracts which were 35-45% cheaper than the earlier pricing structure.

Today, they added 'Limited Offer' signs to their Altcoin Mining Contracts, suggesting that their new offer is a time-sensitive one.

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As a reference, their Bitcoin Mining Contracts do not have the 'Limited Offer' sign at the time of this writing.

Genesis Mining Altcoin Lifetime Contract

It could be that Genesis Mining simply has limited inventory for Altcoin Mining due to physical inventory limitations of scrypt mining gear in the current market.

If this is the case, once all available hashing power is sold out for Altcoin Mining, they are likely to go out of inventory again.



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