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Genesis Mining Bitcoin & Altcoin Cloud Mining Price Now 50% Cheaper!WOW!


Cloud mining service Genesis Mining announced new 'rock bottom' prices for Scrypt and SHA cloud mining on September 10th, 2014.  They had just announced new prices for Scrypt cloud mining early this month, so this is a further discount in prices only after 1 week.

Their old and new prices for Scrypt and SHA cloud mining are as follows:

●Scrypt Cloud Mining Prices at Genesis Mining - Before and After

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The old price, which was discounted 34% from the earlier price in the beginning September 2014, was at 3.9 cents per kH/s for an order of 100 MH/s.

Genesis Mining Bitcoin

Old Price (Effective from early Sept., 2014) for Scrypt Cloud Mining at Genesis - 100 MH/s at 3.9 cents/kH/s

The NEW price for scrypt cloud mining at Genesis Mining is at 14.99USD/MH/s for 100 MH/s, or 0.01499USD/kH/s, or just 1.499 cents/kH/s.

Since the previous price for 100 MH/s was 3.9 cents/kH/s, this is a whopping 61% discount from the previous price!

Genesis Mining Bitcoin

NEW Prices for Scrypt Cloud Mining at Genesis Mining - Now ONLY 1.499 cents/kH/s!

We are very excited to see this price level in September.  After reviewing Genesis Mining's change in price offerings, we noticed that they had been reducing their prices by 30-50% every 1-1.5 months.

So, we assumed that if the past trend were to continue and discounts of 30% were made every month, then 3.9 cents/kH/s in early September would be reduced to 2.73 cents/kH/s in early October 2014, then 1.91 cents/kH/s in early November 2014, and 1.34 cents/kH/s in early December 2014...and so on.

But, to our pleasant surprise, it looks like they decided to offer prices we anticipated in November/December much early on!

This is great news for all interested in cloud mining, as Genesis Mining offers a long selection of altcoins to mine, and their mineable coin lineup is increasing every month.

At 1.499 cents/kH/s Genesis Mining's price for scrypt cloud mining is one of the most competitive.

Contract length changed from the previous 1 year contract to a lifetime contract is also a big change, making Genesis Mining's service very competitive.

Before, Genesis Mining's scrypt mining was rather expensive, but they were able to cover for their weakness in pricing with their wide coin selection, operational transparency (many cloud mining companies are not transparent), and great internal screen.

Now, with their prices and contract length among the best, their coin selection is already #1, and put together their transparency and great internal screen, Genesis Mining may be qualified to be considered #1 in scrypt cloud mining.


●SHA Cloud Mining Prices at Genesis Mining - Before and After

Genesis Mining also reduced their Bitcoin contract in price and contract lenght.  Previously, they had charged 2.15 USD/GH/s for 1 year of 20TH/s of mining power.

Genesis Mining Bitcoin

Old Prices for SHA Cloud Mining Service at Genesis Mining - 2.15USD/GH/s

Now, their NEW price is only 97.9 cents/GH/s, or 0.979USD/GH/s with contract length extended to lifetime for their Diamond plan of 10,000GH/s.  This is a whopping 54% DISCOUNT on their bitcoin mining price alone!

Genesis Mining Bitcoin

NEW Prices for SHA Cloud Mining Service at Genesis Mining - Now ONLY 0.979USD/GH/s!

In the area of bitcoin cloud mining, PB Mining has long been considered to offer one of the best prices, despite their anonymous operations.

However, PB Mining's price as of today is at 0.0027BTC/GH/s, which is 1.26USD/GH/s at 1BTC=468USD.  With Genesis Mining's new bitcoin cloud mining price of 0.979 cents/GH/s, Genesis Mining beats PB Mining in price by 22%!

On top of that, Genesis Mining offers longer contract length (lifetime contract, as opposed to PB Mining's 5 year contract - although, in reality, increase in bitcoin difficulty should cause both services to become unprofitable much earlier than the anticipated 5 year time frame provided by PB Mining and thereby stop mining 5 years or lifetime won't make any difference in the end), and provides much greater levels of transparency, illustrating how competitive the service is right now.

While bitcoin cloud mining industry is expanding rapidly with new players entering the industry by the day, in our view, the new pricing and contract terms position Genesis Mining as one of the most competitive bitcoin cloud mining services.


Not surprisingly, the new price structure seems to be attracting a lot of new orders!

When placing your order, use our Genesis Mining Promo Code 'KGtks6', and receive a further 2.5% discount!


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