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Genesis Mining Bitcoin Mining Price Reduced Further to $0.79/GH/s!Cheaper than Hashlet Genesis!

Genesis Mining Bitcoin Mining Price

We were surprised to find out that Genesis Mining had recently further lowered their Bitcoin Mining Contract to $15.99 for 20HG/s, which is ONLY $0.79/GH/s.

Just a couple of days ago on Oct. 15th, 2014, Genesis Mining had lowered Bitcoin Mining Contracts to $8.99 for 10GH/s, which was $0.899 cents/GH/s.

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Now, after only 2 days, their Bitcoin Mining Contract is 12% cheaper.

We don't know why since Genesis Mining has not made any public announcements regarding their new prices.

Perhaps, it is that their Oct. 15th price of $0.8999 cents/GH/s didn't have much reaction from users since it was lower than ZeusHash's $0.889 cents/GH/s and GAW's previous price of $0.895 cents/GH/s.

It's possible that reaction from the market was lower than their expectation, and management at Genesis decided a more aggressive price reduction was necessary.

It is also possible that Genesis Mining simply decided to compete with GAW after seeing their new price of $0.795 cents/GH/s (but we're not sure whether GAW released new prices first or whether Genesis Mining was faster).

These are just speculations, but the important take away is that Genesis Mining is now offering an even better price (albeit only by a very small margin) than GAW or ZeusHash in Bitcoin Mining Contracts.

Genesis Mining : $0.79 /GH/s

GAW Miners' Hashlet Genesis : $0.795 /GH/s 

ZeusHash : $0.889 /GH/s

This is quite an accomplishment for Genesis Mining which started off early this year as a scrypt cloud mining company.

It shows that Genesis Mining is now fully competitive in bitcoin mining as well.

Although GAW's Hashlet Genesis is attractive in that you can buy from just 1GH/s, whereas Genesis Mining's contracts are only available from 20GH/s, Genesis Mining is more competitive now especially for larger orders.

Prices vary based on order size with

20GH/s - $0.79/GH/s

1,000GH/s - $0.78/GH/s

10,000GH/s - $0.77/GH/s

So, for large volume orders, Genesis Mining's Bitcoin Mining Contracts is currently one of the best place to go to, in terms of ROI.


This new round of price reduction only applies to Bitcoin Mining Contracts at Genesis, and there was no change in prices for Altcoin Mining Contracts.


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