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Genesis Mining New Prices : $9.49-$9.99/MH/s on Altcoin Mining Contracts!


Genesis Mining New Prices

Genesis Mining New Prices for Lifetime Altcoin Contract

Genesis Mining had been out of stock for a while on their Lifetime Altcoin Contracts, but today, they have are in stock again.

Furthermore, Altcoin Contracts are back with new, lower prices!

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Here's the price structure before and after:


Genesis Mining New Prices

1MH/s : $17.99 ($17.99/MH/s)

20 MH/s : $339 ($16.99/MH/s)

100 MH/s : $1,499 ($14.99/MH/s)


2 MH/s : $19.98 ($9.99/MH/s)

20 MH/s : $195 ($9.75/MH/s)

100 MH/s : $949 ($9.49/MH/s)

It's great to see prices go down by 35-45%.


Now Might Be a Good Time to Buy At Genesis Mining

Now is a pretty good time to be buying from Genesis Mining because they have JUST lowered their prices per MH/s.

The last time Genesis Mining discounted their pricing structure was in mid-September, meaning that they stuck with that price structure for almost 3 months.

During those 3 months, users who bought early were getting better returns than users who bought later in the game.

This is because mining difficulty goes up over time and so if the purchase price is locked at the same price, users who come later receive lower payouts and are at a disadvantage in terms of reaching 100% ROI.

We bought our 100 MH/s scrypt mining plan from Genesis Mining about 1 week after they announced $14.99/MH/s price structure (which was new back then).

As a result, we are up at 56.92% ROI in less than 3 months, but if we could go back in time, it would have been wiser not to have waited for a week before making the decision to purchase the contract, because a week's earnings then would have had a big impact on our ROI.  

Our ROI would most likely have been higher than 56.92% on day 83 had we bought a week earlier.

This is not just true for Genesis Mining but it's a general rule for all cloud mining services that mine PoW coins : buying in when a new price per Mh/s is released is the best way to go.



You can see our past payouts on our Genesis Mining Review page.

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