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Genesis Mining Payouts November 11th 2014 0.01522598 BTC or $5.61!


Genesis Mining Payouts November 11th 2014

Genesis Mining payouts on November 11th, 2014 was 0.01522598 BTC, or $5.61.  This is a daily ROI of 0.48% based on our purchase price of  3.1801595384 BTC for 100 MH/s of scrypt cloud mining in September, 2014.

This is a small recovery from yesterday's ALL-TIME-LOW of 0.41% in daily ROI.

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Our TOTAL payouts from Genesis Mining are at 1.53442983 BTC, or $564.96.  This is a TOTAL ROI of 48.25% after 56 days of cloud mining.

Genesis Mining Payouts November 11th 2014

It's almost 2 months since we started our contracts at Genesis Mining.  Although ROI of nearly 50% in 2 months is EXCELLENT (almost too good to be true) compared to traditional investment vehicles such as residential or commercial real estate or public stocks, these numbers are real.

However, the catch with cloud mining contracts is that daily ROI will fall rapidly along with the rise in mining difficulty.  As mining difficulty will continue to go up for the foreseeable future, daily ROI is most likely going to fall until there is no daily ROI.

While results have been good with Genesis Mining, we're not confident yet as to whether we would be able to reach 100% ROI (in BTC) before daily ROI goes to zero or near-zero levels.


To see our how our daily payouts have been trending, check out our Genesis Mining Review.

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