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Genesis Mining Promo Code 'KGtks6' - Get 3% OFF on your Genesis Mining Order NOW!


Genesis Mining Promo Code

For Altcoin Cloud Mining, Genesis Mining is the Company to Go To

If you're interested in cloud mining altcoins, we recommend Genesis Mining.  If you want to mine alt coins like..

-Darkcoin (DRK)

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-ReddCoin (RDD)

-BlackCoin (BC)

-Litecoin (LTC)

-Dogecoin (DOGE)

-Auroracoin (AUR)

-Feathercoin (FTC)

-LottoCoin (LOT)

-Megacoin (MEC)

-Novacoin (NVC)

-PotCoin (POT)

Genesis Mining has the largest selection of them.  It's THE place to go to cloud mine altcoins.


Genesis Mining Offers 3 Mining Plans for Scrypt Cloud Mining

There are 3 plans to choose from in their Scrypt Mining plan - Gold (4.9 cents/kH/s), Platinum (4.4 cents/kH/s), and Diamond (3.9 cents/kH/s).

Naturally, if you're order volume is large, cost per kH/s is reduced.

If this is your first time trying out a cloud mining service, it may be wise to start small, with the Gold plan which is 49USD (4.9 cents/kH/s).

If you're priority is with better price per kH/s, then you want to look into the the Platinum plan (880USD) or the Diamond plan (3,900USD).

Genesis Mining Promo Code


How To Enter Promo Code Information

Once you choose a plan and click on 'SIGN UP', the next screen asks you to enter your Email and Password.

Genesis Mining Promo Code

Once the Email and Password are entered, you're Genesis Mining account is created, and you move to the next screen where you can enter the promo code.

Here is the screen:

Genesis Mining Promo Code


Enter 'KGtks6' and Receive 3% OFF on All Orders at Genesis Mining

Enter 'KGtks6' and click on VALIDATE and you can receive 3% OFF on your order placement.

Genesis Mining Promo Code

3% may not look big, but it's not small either!


How Much You Can Save with a 3% Discount Coupon

Here's how much you can save by using the 3% discount coupon at Genesis Mining:

●49USD Gold Plan becomes 47.53USD(1.47 USD SAVED!)

●880USD Platinum Plan becomes 853.60 USD(26.40 USD SAVED!)

●3,900USD Diamond Plan becomes 3,783 USD (117 USD SAVED!)

Not bad!

So, if you're placing an order with Genesis Mining, we recommend you use a promo code, whether it's ours or not.

Small savings can add up over time!


For detailed reports on what actual mining results are like with Genesis-Mining, please read our Genesis Mining Reviews!

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