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Hash Market Review : A Cheaper Way to Buy Hashlets than Buying Retail!

Hash Market Review

We were curious about the Hash Market for a while and recently found the time to look into it.

Hash Market is a marketplace for Hashlets.  There are currently 1,015 Hashlets on sale.

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Hash Market Review

Roughly 60% of the listings are selling below GAW Miners' current retail price.  Considering that Hashlets are good for life ('Own it Forever'), this should be the first place anyone interested in cloud mining with GAW Miners should be looking into.

To give you an idea, the following prices are the lowest prices we found on Hash Market for each Hashlet:

Multi Hashlet Hash Market Price (Lowest) : $13.27/MH/s  vs. Retail : $15.95 (Approx. 17% OFF)

Clever Hashlet Hash Market Price (Lowest) : $13.65/MH/s vs. Retail : $16.95 (Approx. 19% OFF)

Waffle Hashlet Hash Market Price (Lowest) : $14.70/MH/s vs. Retail : $17.95 (Approx. 18% OFF)

Zen Hashlet Hash Market (Lowest) : $17.87/MH/s vs. Retail : $20.95 (Approx. 15% OFF)

As you can see, the lowest prices at Hash Market tend to be about 15-19% OFF GAW Miners' retail price.

We thought one problem with Hash Market would be buying volume, but it appears that some sellers are selling amounts - for example, Zen Hashlet's cheapest sell order is for 1,175 MH/s! - so difficulty to buy large quantities may not be as big of a concern as we had anticipated.

Hash Market Review

Although there is a charge of 5% to the buyer (and 5% to the seller) for buying from the Hash Market, there is a high likelihood that it would still be cheaper to get your Hashlets at Hash Market than to buy retail, so it's a channel worth exploring for all potential Hashlet buyers.

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