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Hashcoin Q&A Video (Nov. 4th, 2014) with GAW Miners' CEO Josh Garza is Worth Watching!


Hashcoin Q&A Video


Josh Garza, the CEO of GAW Miners, provided a Q&A session on Nov. 4th, 2014 on the launch of Hashcoin.  He talks about his vision for Hashcoin and the ICO prices.

As Josh admits in the interview, GAW Miners was a relatively late player in the crypto industry, but they have become successful in a very short period of time, both in selling mining gear and cloud mining services.

Their cloud mining service didn't exist early this year and only launched in August 2014, but it was literally an overnight success, immediately putting GAW Miners among the top cloud mining companies in the industry.

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With 2 big wins already under belt, the launch of their own coin, Hashcoin, could become their 3rd and biggest win to date.

The Q&A video is a great opportunity to catch the brains of the mastermind behind GAW, and to learn about Hashcoins from the CEO himself:

Below are some take aways from the Q&A session.


On Hashcoin 

"I don't see a coin as a technology play, but I see it as a customer play"


"It's all about driving adoption and creating awareness so folks actually wanna use it.  Most importantly, merchants are incentivized to accept it and to keep it."

"I don't think adoption of Bitcoin is an education thing...I think it's more of a merchant adoption problem."

"Most merchants don't want to accept a currency or a method of payment that could change in value 10% every couple of days."


"Create a steady coin/currency that merchants would feel OK keeping and holding on to, even if it's just for a little bit.  That's the difference in our approach."

"We Intend to take the money that's raised in our ICO and leverage it to help create adoption"

"For a coin to be successful, it needs to remain decentralized, but we also believe that it's kind of a hybrid.  There needs to be companies and people, entity standing behind it that are charged with helping create adoption."


On Hashcoin ICO Price

"We've kind of divided into 3 rounds.  One is a private investment round, then we have 2 semi-public rounds."


"First will be using a voucher based systems that our customers have been collecting for a while and it'll be the equivalent $4 per coin."


"Then the pre-public, invite-only round, that we've received tens of thousands of requests...We're looking for people to help grow....that round will be $10 per coin."


"Then we intend to bring it to public soon at $20."

On Hashcoin Mining

"If every single customer mined they'd all be able to get as much as they want because we limited, we essentially setup that amount."


"We also have a reserve setup for private investors.  Those 1st and 3rd rounds will be limited, but the 2nd round will be limited to however many customers have retrieval.


"After that, we will have a period where natural upside will be given to customers who own Hashlet Primes, will be able to get first dibs on money.

"Then after a period of time, it will become more open and public so anyone at home will be able to mine."


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