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Hashlet Genesis 10 GH/s Daily ROI 0.31 & 0.33% on Dec. 3rd & 4th!TOTAL ROI 20.60% After 56 Days!

Hashlet Genesis 10

Hashlet Genesis 10 GH/s Daily ROI is 0.31% & 0.33% for Dec. 3rd & 4th

Hashlet Genesis 10

Our Hashlet Genesis 10 GH/s payouts for December 3rd and 4th have been as follows:

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December 3rd 2014 : 0.00007304 BTC (0.33% daily ROI)

December 4th 2014 : 0.00006777 BTC (0.31% daily ROI)

Daily ROI was calculated based on our estimated purchase price of 0.02184 BTC for October 9th 2014 when we purchased the cloud mining contract for $7.95/10 GH/s.

Currently, Hashlet Genesis is cheaper at $6.95/10GH/s.


Hashlet Genesis 10 GH/s TOTAL ROI 20.60% in 56 Days

Hashlet Genesis 10

Total payouts from our Hashlet Genesis 10 GH/s contract is now at 0.00449900 BTC, which is a TOTAL ROI of 20.60% in 56 days.


If You Buy Hashlet Genesis From Hash Market Today, You Can Expect a Daily ROI of 0.47-0.51%

Although we purchased our Hashlet Genesis from GAW, a better way to obtain Hashlet Genesis is via Hash Market, where they are being traded at much more affordable prices than GAW's retail price of $6.95/10GH/s.

Currently, you can buy 10 GH/s from $5.25 on Hash Market.  Although there is an embedded 5% transaction cost, you can still purchase 10 GH/s of Hashlet Genesis for only 0.01432725 BTC.

Hashlet Genesis 10

At this purchase, price your daily ROI for Dec. 3rd and 4th would increase to the following levels:

December 3rd 2014 : 0.00007304 BTC (0.51% daily ROI)

December 4th 2014 : 0.00006777 BTC (0.47% daily ROI)

Although this is not as high as the daily ROI you could expect from PB Mining (0.77%) , it is close to HashNest's recent daily ROI figures (0.52-0.53%).


We Plan to Upgrade Our Hashlet Genesis 10 GH/s to a 3-Month HashStaker

GAW Miners made an official announcement yesterday regarding Hashlet upgrades.

Although the focus was on Hashlet Primes, regular Hashlets, including Hashlet Solos and Hashlet Genesis, will be upgradable to a 3-month HashStaker.

For Hashlet Genesis, the free upgrade is scheduled for next Wednesday, on Dec. 10th, 2014.

We plan to upgrade Hashlet Genesis to HashStaker 3 months because

(1) 3 months HashStakers are more valuable than Hashlet Genesis (HashStaker 3 months retails for $9.95 as opposed to Hashlet Genesis which retails for $6.95)

(2) there is also an additional profit potential of 35-80% with HashStakers in a period of just 3 months, while Hashlet Geneis will take 241 days or 8 months to just reach 100% ROI, with difficulty levels stable.

We plan to do the upgrade for all the Hashlets we own for similar reasons.


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