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Hashlet Genesis (GAW Miners) Now Selling for $7.95 for 10GH/s!Down from $8.95 for 10GH/s!


GAW Miners' Hashlet Genesis is now being sold at the promotional price of $7.95 for 10GH/s, down from the previous price of $8.95 for 10GH/s.

GAW Miners had set the price for Hashlet Genesis at $7.95 for 10GH/s on Sept. 27th, 2014.

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We were very excited about the new price, but remember being disappointed to find out that by Sept. 29th, 2014, GAW had increased the price to $8.95 for 10GH/s.

To this day, we don't know why the price was discounted from the old price of $9.95 for 10GH/s to $7.95 for 10GH/s and then set for $8.95 for 10GH/s.

$8.95 for 10GH/s was still among the cheapest in the market then.

However, since then ZeusHash has released their platform with $8.89 for 10GH/s, undercutting GAW.

The price of $7.95 for 10GH/s puts GAW Miners in the lead once again.

ZeusHash made an update yesterday, which included an announcement of new price discounts for volume purchases - if you buy more than 1 TH/s with ZeusHash, price per GH/s gets reduced to $0.859 from $0.889.

Hashlet Genesis Price

Although this volume discount doesn't apply to orders of 10GH/s, even if it did, $8.59 for 10GH/s would still be more expensive compared to GAW's new price of $7.95 for 10GH/s.

PB Mining is currently selling 10GH/s for 0.016 BTC, which, at today's rate of $382.49 is $6.12 for 10GH/s.  We've been with them for 5 months now and we've achieved 88.63% ROI without any issues, but it should be noted that their competitive price comes with a high degree of risk relating to anonymity of their operations.

Cloud Hashing is also offering $5.90 for 10GH/s through its Hash Sale, but the hashing only begins on Dec. 1st, 2014.  We still have 1.5 months until December, and it is possible that bitcoin cloud mining prices would go down further by then.

So, GAW's new Hashlet Genesis price of $7.95 for 10GH/s is a really good one, considering they are a US registered company with a high level of transparency.


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