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Hashlet Genesis Price (GAW Miners) Changed from $7.95 for 10GH/s to $8.95 for 10GH/s!


Hashlet Genesis Price (GAW Miners)

We made a posting on Sept. 27th that Hashlet Genesis Price (GAW Miners) was changed from 9.95USD/10GH/s to 7.95USD/10GH/s, but it appears that they have changed the price to 8.95USD/10GH/s.  Perhaps, it is that the promotion price of 7.95USD was only valid for one day?

Price fluctuation for GAW Miners' Genesis Primes - whether to keep the 50USD/MH/s price or to lower it - has recently been a heated topic of debate among GAW users.

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At this point in time, we don't know why this has happened - whether the initial announcement of 7.95USD/10GH/s was an error or whether they decided to change the price after consulting with existing users on Hashtalk.  We will provide updates if we find out more.

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