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Hashlet Prime Holdings Now at 148 MH/s!28 MH/s Added !

Hashlet Prime Holdings

We Bought More Hashlet Primes!28 MH/s Added !

After seeing Paycoin PoW mining starting and seeing strong demand for Paycoins, we decided to buy more Hashlet Primes.

The way we see it, Hashlet Primes are more attractive than all the other products offered by GAW as Primes can continue to stake Paycoins once upgraded to HashStakers without a date of expiration.

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By purchasing Primes now and Upgrading to HashStaker Primes, we would be locking in rights to stake and receive Paycoins for an indefinite period of time.

That's like buying real estate and receiving rental income for an indefinite period of time, or buying shares of a public company and receiving dividends for an indefinite period of time, as long as ownership is maintained.


We Paid 4.76226051 BTC for 28 MH/s

We managed to get a hold of 28 MH/s of Primes for a little over $60 in Hash Market.

The price of Hashlet Primes have been rising rapidly over the past few weeks.

For example, the minimum unit price for Hashlet Primes have been trending as follows:

$63.00 on December 12th 2014

$52.48 on December 10th 2014

$49.98 on November 26th 2014

$41.94 on November 11th 2014

While we regret not having purchased more Primes in November, we believe that if GAW and Paycoin are successful, then in a few years time, the value of Prime could rise to a point where it wouldn't really matter much whether we purchased Primes at $40 or $60. 


Hashlet Prime Holdings Now at 148 MH/s!Total of 21.13551093 BTC or $7,452.17 Invested!

Our total hashlet prime holdings is now 148 MH/s (although our Dashboard screen says 149.980 MH/s, we've only purchased 148 MH/s).

We've spent a total of 21.13551093 BTC on Hashlet Primes.  At the current exchange rate of 1BTC=$352.59, this translates to $7,452.17.

For us, Hashlet Primes are long term investments, just like all of our Bitcoin investments, and we plan to keep our Primes for a very long time.


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