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Hashlet Prime Inventory Running Short!Hashlet Prime Minimum Unit Price Jumps to $63.00 on Hash Market!

Hashlet Prime Inventory

Hashlet Prime Price Jumps to $63.00 from $52.48 per MH/s in Just 2 Days!

We have just noticed a huge spike in Hashlet Prime prices.

The minimum price for Hashlet Primes on Hash Market was only $52.48 as of December 10th, but today (it's December 12th now), the minimum price is at $63.  This is a jump of 20% in prices in just 2 days!

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While a certain level of price fluctuation is expected (including a temporary price drop), the long term trend for Hashlet Primes is clearly up, and prices are rising fast.

This is in line with what GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza has predicted over and over again on


Now Hashlet Prime Listings Are Down to 39 from 242 Yesterday

Hashlet Prime Inventory

The number of Primes for sale are also quickly dropping.

Here's how the number of Primes for sale have been trending:

November 11th : 310 entries

November 26th : 260 entries

December 10th : 242 entries

December 12th : 39 entries

This is a snapshot of change in inventory for just the past month.  Clearly, inventory for Hashlet Primes is becoming more and more scarce very rapidly.


Available Hashlet Prime Hash Power is Down to ONLY 56 MH/s


Hashlet Prime Inventory


Now, only 56 MH/s of Hashlet Prime hashing power is available from Hash Market.  It's a big drop from 830 MH/s that were available on December 10th.

November 11th : 1,271.3 MH/s

November 26th : 481 MH/s

December 10th : 830 MH/s

December 12th : 56 MH/s

Again the downward trend in hashing power is quite clear here.


GAW Miners' CEO has made bullish statements regarding the future price of Hashlet Primes, such as the statement below ('No matter how it works out they (Primes) will be 10 times more valuable'), but his statements may be become a reality if prices continue to rise at this pace:

Hashlet Prime Inventory


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