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Hashlet Prime Price Increases From $49.98 to $52.48 Per MH/s in Just 2 Weeks!

Hashlet Prime Price Increase

Hashlet Prime Price Increases From $49.98 to $52.48/MH/s in Just 2 Weeks!

Now that we have finished reserving our Hashlet Prime upgrades to HashStaker Primes, we decided to take another look at Hashlet Prime prices on Hash Market to see if there was any movement.

The last time we took the time to check Hashlet Prime prices was on November 26th, or about 2 weeks ago.

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We saw that Hashlet Prime prices had increased from $49.98 to $52.48 during the past 2 weeks, which is an increase of 5%.

If we go back further in time to November 11th, the cheapest unit price for Hashlet Primes for sale was only $41.94!

So, in a period of just one month, Hashlet Prime prices have increased by more than 25%!


Hashlet Prime Sale Listing Entries Reduced From 260 to 242

Hashlet Prime Price Increase

The number of Hashlet Prime listings for sale during the past 2 weeks have gone down from 260 entries to 242 entries, a drop of about 7%.

There are fewer listings of Hashlet Primes now than there were 2 weeks ago.

There were 310 entries for sale on November 11th, so it's clearly a downward trend and Hashlet Prime listings are becoming more and more scarce.


Available Hashlet Prime Hash Power Went Up From 481 MH/s to 830 MH/s

Hashlet Prime Price Increase


We thought the amount of total hash power for sale would also be getting smaller, but it turned out that available hash power for sale had increased from 481 MH/s to 830 MH/s.

However, we believe that the long term trend is still downward as there were 1,271.3 MH/s available for sale on November 11th, just one month ago.


Overall, Hashlet Primes Are Becoming More Scarce, and Prices Are Going Up

All in all, based on what we observed on November 11th, November 26th, and today, it's clear that Hashlet Prime prices are going up, and Hash Market inventory for Primes are becoming more scarce.

We're still waiting for Paycoin to launch, but once Paycoin launches and hits its target ICO price of 1 Paycoin =$20, the price of Hashlet Primes (or HashStaker Primes) are likely to rise further.

On the other hand, if Paycoin ICO price does not reach $20 or quickly falls down from the $20 target price, then the price of HashStaker Primes are bound to fall as well.

Ultimately, the success of HashStaker Primes will depend on the success of Paycoin, and the ability of GAW and its CEO to deliver on their promises.


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