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Hashlet Prime Prices Go Up About 20% in 2 Weeks!Current Market Unit Price $49.98/MH/s!

Hashlet Prime Price

Minimum Hashlet Prime Price Increased to $49.98/MH/s!

It's been a while since the last time we reviewed Hashlet Prime prices on November 11th, 2014, so we would like to revisit Hashlet Primes again.

We were surprised to see a price increase in the minimum unit price for Hashlet Primes.

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On November 11th, the cheapest unit up for sale was for $41.94.  Today, it is at $49.98.  This is an increase of about 20% in about 2 weeks.


Number of Hashlet Prime Sale Listings Reduced From 310 To 260

Hashlet Prime Price

Moreover, we've noticed that the number of listings for Hashlet Primes have gone down from 310 entries on November 11th to 260 entries today.

That's about a 16% drop in the number of listings, indicating that supply of Hashlet Primes is slowly going down.


Hashlet Prime Hash Power Reduced From1,271.3 MH/s to 481 MH/s

Hashlet Prime Price

Total Hashlet Prime hash power for sale was also down from 1,271.3 MH/s on November 11th, 2014 to 481 MH/s today.

The drop in Hashlet Prime hash power available on Hash Market has gone down by more than 60%, which is a dramatic drop, and confirms that supply of Hashlet Primes is quickly going down.


Hashlet Prime Price Bound to Go Up Further if Paycoin ICO is Successful

We see this rise in the price of Hashlet Primes as the beginning.

If Paycoin ICO is executed as planned and 1 Paycoin is sold for $20 or more, we see no reason why Hashlet Prime prices would not go up higher.

Currently, 1 Hashlet Prime is able to mine 18 HPs (Hash Points) a day, which is about 0.045 Paycoins (with 1 Paycoin = 400 HPs), and at 1 Paycoin = $20, would translate to $0.90/day.

With Hashlet Primes priced at around $50, if the ICO succeeds and Paycoin reaches $20 as announced, then we are looking at about 56 days for 100% ROI with Hashlet Primes at the current price level.

If 1 Paycoin at $20 or more becomes a reality, we see no reason why Hashlet Primes wouldn't be priced at over $100, which would still allow the miner to reach 100% ROI in 112 days or a little less than 4 months.




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