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Hashlet Prime ROI - 1.51% After 4 Days!Not Very Competitive (for Now)!


Hashlet Prime ROI


Having tested all Hashlet Solos, we purchased 1MH/s of Prime Hashlets as a trial run on Oct. 8th, 2014.

Hashlet Prime ROI

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We have received 4 days of payouts and our total earnings at this point is 0.00211474 BTC.

Hashlet Prime ROI

Prime Hashlets are retailing for $49.95/MH/s, and Bitcoin price on Oct. 8th, 2014 on Bitstamp was around 1BTC=$355.73, so our hypothetical purchase cost in Bitcoins is 0.14041548365333 BTC.

Our earnings of 0.00211474 BTC would translate to approximately a return of 1.51% after 4 days of cloud mining.

This is rather small compared to other scrypt cloud mining services we are trying out right now.  For example, ZeusHash, which was purchased at around the same time, was able to return 2.56% after 4 days of cloud mining.

Although ROI for Prime Hashlets is less than 60% the ROI for ZeusHash at the moment, it may be too early to make any conclusions about Prime Hashlets, and things may change in the future.

Prime Hashlets are supposed to constantly upgrade and maintain state-of-the-art status, never becoming obsolete, whereas ZeusHash nor any other cloud mining service has this function.

The only service with a similar feature is LTCgear's FREE share multiplication service, whereby LTCgear offers FREE upgrades in mining shares every 1.5 months to compensate for rising levels of difficulty in the Litecoin network (however, LTCgear's share upgrades are not included in the service contract, and it relies solely on the goodwill of the administrator).

We don't know how Prime Hashlets are going to evolve from here, but the gap in earnings between Prime Hashlets and other cloud mining companies could reverse as Prime Hashlets continue to gain hash power through constant upgrades while regular cloud mining contracts that are not upgraded quickly lose competitiveness.

Prime Hashlet is GAW Miners' flagship product that its CEO is promoting aggressively, so although its ROI is currently not very competitive, we would like to take a wait-and-see approach to see how the product evolves from here.

Hashlet Prime ROI

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