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Hashlet Prime SHA256 Payouts - Oct. 21st 0.07% ROI - TOTAL ROI 2.80% After 13 Days!

Hashlet Prime SHA256

Hashlet Prime earnings on Oct. 21st, 2014 was 0.00030960 BTC.  Maintenance Fee was 0.00020704 BTC, so our net earnings for Oct. 21st was 0.00010256 BTC.

We own 1MH/s of Hashlet Primes, and our purchase cost was 0.14041548365333 BTC as our purchase was made when 1BTC=$355.73.

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Our daily ROI translates to 0.07%, which is very low compared to the results we are getting with other Hashlets (scrypt).  For example, Multi Hashlets yielded 0.68% daily ROI on Oct. 20th, 2014.

Our TOTAL earnings with Hashlet Primes is at 0.00393182 BTC, which is 2.80% of our investment.  We have received 13 payouts so far, so our TOTAL ROI is 2.80% after 13 days of cloud mining.

Hashlet Prime SHA256

During 13 days of cloud mining, we have used the boost feature 3 times and double mining (add a 2nd pool feature) 2 times.  We could have used these features more often, so our results could be improved with further use of the boost and/or double mining feature.

However, based on the results we have at hand, there isn't much that is impressive about Hashlet Primes.

Hashlet Primes' current daily ROI of 0.07% suggests we need 1,389 days to reach 100% ROI from the current 2.80% levels, assuming difficulty levels remains the same (which will not be the case).  1,389 days is more than 3 years time...

The only hope for Hashlet Primes is that GAW has stated that they have big plans for the product, and as a part of the big plan, they have suspended sales of new Hashlet Primes.

The present results do not look appealing, but this may change once GAW implements their plan into place.  However, we do not know in detail what GAW plans to do with the Primes.  All we know is that they have designed and sold Hashlet Primes as a product that 'upgrades over time'.

If you believe in GAW's vision for Hashlet Primes, they could be a interpreted to be in a bargain right now as new supply for Hashlet Primes have been cut, and they are bound to become more scare and more valuable from here onwards.

But, looking at results at hand, the ROI of Hashlet Primes is very weak when compared to other cloud mining contracts available in the market right now.


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