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Hashlet Prime vs Solo : Which Has Better ROI?

Hashlet Prime vs Solo

Hashlet Solos and Hashlet Primes are both popular products by GAW Miners.  But, which product has higher ROI?

Hashlet Solos are sold as 4 different Hashlets - Clever Hashlet, Multi Hashlet, Zen Hashlet, and Waffle Hashlet.  We purchased all of them and compared their ROI from Sept. 29th through Oct. 6th, 2014 to determine the best Hashlet in terms of ROI.

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The results were as follows:

#1. Zen Hashlet ($20.95/MH/s) : ROI 8.13%

#2. Clever Hashlet ($16.95/MH/s) : ROI 8.11% ROI

#3. Multi Hashlet ($15.95/MH/s) : ROI 5.66%

#4. Waffle Hashlet ($17.95/MH/s) : ROI 4.53%

Zen Hashlet and Clever Hashlet clearly outperformed the other two.

Because Hashlet Solos are too versatile, we would like to narrow down the Hashlet Solo to just Zen Hashlet, the best performing Hashlet, to see how it performs compared to Hashlet Primes.

Our Hashlet Primes yielded 1.51% ROI in 4 days of cloud mining between Oct. 9th - 12th, 2014 under a 1 MH/s mining contract.

Looking at Zen Hashlet results during the same time, the output was 0.00187472 BTC for 1MH/s of mining power.

Hashlet Prime vs Solo

Zen Hashlets are selling for $20.95.  Using 1BTC=$355.73, which was the Bitcoin price used when we purchased the Hahlet Primes, our purchase cost for the Zen Hashlets were 0.0588929806 BTC.

Using these numbers, our returns for Zen Hashlets turn out to be 3.18% during Oct. 9th - 12th, 2014.  This is much better than Hashlet Prime's 1.51% during the same period.  In fact, it is more than twice the ROI of Hashlet Primes.

Looking at these numbers, it would be easy to conclude that Hashlet Solos (=Zen Hashlet) is better than Hashlet Primes in terms of ROI.


However, one important factor we're not sure of regarding Hashlet Primes is their ability to 'upgrade over time'.  Hashlet Primes are branded as 'Constantly Upgrade & Remain State-of-the-Art', without specifications.

IF GAW Miners is able to live up to their copy, then it's possible that in 1 or 2 years time, when Zen Hashlet's 1 MH/s would have long depleted its payouts (due to increase in mining difficulty), Hashlet Primes would continue to yield constant payouts due to its capacity to remain 'State-of-the-Art'.

In such a case, Hashlet Primes would most likely end up delivering more than Zen Hashlets in total lifetime yields.

However, this is just a hypothetical scenario, largely dependent on GAW Miners' capacity to deliver with Hashlet Primes.


In the end, the choice between Hashlet Solos (=Zen Hashlet in this case) and Hashlet Primes becomes a choice of looking at numbers that are visible today, in which case the choice would be to go with Zen Hashlet which is yielding twice as much as Hashlet Primes right now, or to take a longer view and trust GAW Miners' to deliver on their promise for the Primes, in which case Hashlet Primes are likely to earn more than Zen Hashlets and turn out to be a better investment.

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