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Hashlet Prime Worth It?

Hashlet Primes Weren't Doing Well For Us

Hashlet Primes are GAW Miner's flagship product, but Hashlet Primes weren't performing well in terms of ROI.

Users who were able to purchase Hashlet Primes early at $16/MH/s in August when they were known as Hashlets made a handsome ROI, but by the time we purchased Hashlet Primes, they were priced at $49.95/MH/s, and our ROI was pretty bad.

For the first 4 days, we had earned a TOTAL ROI of 1.51%, which was about 0.38% daily ROI, not a very competitive number.

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Even compared to Hashlet Solos, Hashlet Primes were underperforming.

However, this might be about to change, and Haslet Primes may become worth investing in once again.


With the Hashcoin ICO, Hashlet Primes May Become Much More Profitable

The reason is Hashcoin.

Currently Hashlet Primes are able to mine 17 Hash Points, and only Hashlet Primes will be able to mine Hashcoins after ICO (currently, Zen Hashlets are able to mine Hash Points).

Once Hashcoins are released, 400 Hash Points are supposed to convert to 1 Hashcoin.

1 Hashcoin is scheduled to be sold in an ICO for $20.

IF the ICO goes according to GAW Miners' plan, then 1 Hash Point today, which is worth $0.01 would jump in value to $0.05.

With Hashlet Primes generating 17 Hash Points a day, that would be $0.85 per day if the ICO goes well.  At $0.85 per day of cloud mining income, Hashlet Prime's retail price of $49.95/MH/s could be reached in 59 days.


Case for 100% ROI in 50Days for Hashlet Primes after ICO

In reality, Hashlet Primes are no longer for sale and the price of Hashlet Primes on Hash Market, which is the only place you can buy Hashlet Primes today, is around $42 including transaction fees.  To reach 100% ROI for these $42 Hashlet Primes, it would take 50 days, or a little less than 2 months.

The assumption here is that

(1) Hashcoin's ICO will be successful and Hashcoin will ICO at $20 to the public

(2) Hashcoin's price will stay more or less around or above the $20 ICO price after the ICO 

(3) Hashlet Primes will continue to generate/mine 17 Hash Points or the equivalent value after ICO

(1) is likely to go as planned considering GAW's sales capacity that has led to successful sales of mining gear and their cloud mining service.

(2) will be more difficult, but they could try to provide various incentives to prevent the price drop.

(3) is entirely up to GAW to decide.


GAW Miners WANTS Hashlet Prime Owners to Reach 100% ROI and Be Satisfied

We should also keep in mind that GAW Miners' intent is to make Hashlet Primes THE product that they are known for.  Hashlet Primes will be their brand, their face.  For this reason, it is likely that they would consider the interests of Hashlet Prime holders, including reaching 100% ROI, and make sure the majority of them are happy.

Although Hashlet Primes have been a rather disappointing experience for us since we purchased them in October, we know early adapters who bought Primes in August have profited immensely.

Based on this past trend, we think the same situation may be happening again today were people who buy in to Hashlet Primes now profit a great deal from the upcoming ICO, whereas those who come after the successful ICO, most likely when the price of Hashlet Primes are higher, have a more difficult time with their returns.


We're Interested in Giving This (Hashlet Primes and ICO) a Try

We're interested in giving Hashlet Primes and the ICO a try by increasing our portfolio of Hashlet Primes.

Although the performance of Hashlets has been quite disappointing lately, they have no control over the pools that they mine.  The problem was with their pricing and many of the Hashlets were just too expensive to provide substantial ROI.

But, GAW is now aware of this issue, and they are trying to fix this issue.  There are 2 ways to approach this problem - (1) lower prices, which GAW has been doing for new customers, (2) increasing mining output, which is what they are working on with the ICO and eventual adaption of Hashcoin.

Considering how much GAW has achieved in the last few months, it is very much possible that the ICO will turn out to be a big success for GAW, just like the sale of Hashlets went very well.


GAW Seems Like a Customer-Centered Company.  We Like That.

At the end of the day, the future of Hashlet Primes and the ICO is up to GAW, and they COULD fail to deliver.  But, one sign other than their past performance (which is quite impressive) that we liked is their customer-centric values.

When companies are looking to their customers and listening to them, things tend to move in the right direction.

When companies don't listen to their customers, they tend to go sideways and lose track.

From their Q&A sessino, we got the impression that GAW is serious about satisfying their customers.  Considering that no other crypto cloud mining company is providing Q&A sessions to answer questions from users, it's clear that they're serious about listening to their customers.

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