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Hashlet Primes Officially No Longer for Sale & Only Available at Hash Market!Hashlet Prime Price Bound to Go Up?

Hashlet Prime Price

GAW Miners just made a couple of updates regarding the future of ZenCloud and Hashlet Primes.

ZenCloud, which is the platform that manages cloud mining for all of GAW's Hashlet products right now, will be absorbed by a new platform called HashBase.

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We don't know details about the new platform, but according to GAW's latest announcement, it will be released later this month.

The more shocking news is that Hashlet Primes are officially no longer for sale.  It is explained that they want to keep Hashlet Primes in 'very limited supply relative to all other Hashlets' in order to realize their 'ambitious plans for Primes'.

Since Hashlet Primes are supposedly a product that would always maintain its competitiveness despite the rise in mining difficulty, it makes sense that GAW Miners' would want to limit their existence as a business decision as ongoing maintenance costs for Hashlet Primes are bound to be great if they live up their product description.

Hashlet Prime Price

Hashlet Primes are now 'Sold Out' at GAW Miners, and the only way to purchase them would be through the Hash Market.  However, as of this writing, there are no Hashlet Primes for sale at Hash Market.

Since Hashlet Primes are going to be limited in number now and only available from Hash Market from sellers willing to sell, if Hashlet Primes really live up to their promise and upgrades over time (a feature that no other Hashlets or a typical cloud mining product has), then the price of Hashlet Primes are likely to go up from here.

The price appreciation potential of Hashlet Primes over time would all depend on how much GAW Miners can deliver on what they describe as 'upgrades over time'.

If they are able to over-deliver on users' expectations, Hashlet Primes are bound to go up, up and up!  Judging from GAW's track record of making its customers happy, we believe this is a likely scenario!

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