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Hashlet Solo Upgrade to 3-Months HashStaker Now Available on ZenCloud!Hashlet Genesis Too!

Hashlet Solo Upgrade

Hashlet Solo Upgrade to 3-Months HashStaker! Hashlet Genesis Too!

Just like the Hashlet Prime upgrades and the Zen Hashlet upgrades that have taken place, upgrade options for Hashlet Solos (Clever Hashlet, Multi Hashlet, and Waffle Hashlet) as well as for Hashlet Genesis are now available on ZenCloud.

If you own Hashlet Solos or Hashlet Genesis and plan to switch to HashStakers, the next 48 hours is the time to reserve your upgrade slots.

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Hashlet Solo UpgradeHashlet Solo Upgrade

We decided to upgrade our Zen Hashlet to HashStakers simply because the profit potential was 10 times larger (it turns out the multiple is actually even larger as we found out that our Zen Hashlets were upgraded to 6 months HashStakers, as originally announced, as opposed to the 3 months HashStakers that we had originally anticipated, thanks to GAW CEO's decision).

Considering that Zen Hashlets are the most profitable of Hashlets and yet we decided to go through the upgrade, it was a no brainer to do the same for the remaining Hashlets, which are less profitable than Zen Hashlets.


The upgrade is a time sensitive issue, so if you already own Hashlet Solos or Hashlet Genesis and plan to upgrade, it would be a good idea to get it done sooner than later!

Hashlet Solo Upgrade


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