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Hashnest (Bitmain) ROI vs. Hashlet Genesis ROI


Hashnest ROI

As reported in our Bitcoin cloud mining services comparison, one of the services we were interested in testing out was Bitmain's Hashnest.

A few reasons as to why we were attracted to Hashnest for bitcoin cloud mining were as follows:

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-Hashnest operates Antpool, a 3PH/s pool that is large enough to appear on the Bitcoin hash rate distribution chart

-Hashnest's parent company, Bitmain Technologies Limited manufactures their own mining gear in China, and as manufacturers, it would make sense for them be able to offer competitive pricing on their cloud mining contracts

-Bitmain Technologies Limited has been around since 2013 Q1 and has a longer history than many of the new bitcoin cloud mining services that have popped up in the last few months

-Bitmain Technologies has a good reputation among miners who have bought mining gear from them

-Hashnest's price of 0.001125 BTC/GH/s, which, at the time of comparison translated to $0.39/GH/s (and at the current price of 1BTC=$334.67 equals $0.38/GH/s) was the BEST (LOWEST) among all the bitcoin cloud mining services we found

We went ahead and purchased 100 GH/s of hash power from Hashnest for 0.1125 BTC.

Hashnest ROI Our earnings so far have been as follows:

-Oct. 27th :  Mining Earnings +0.0015675 BTC, Maintenance Fees -0.0009242 BTC, NET Earnings 0.0006433 BTC (0.57% daily ROI)

-Oct. 28th :  Mining Earnings +0.0015882 BTC, Maintenance Fees -0.0009322 BTC, NET Earnings 0.000656 BTC (0.58% daily ROI)

-Oct. 29th : Mining Earnings +0.0014656 BTC, Maintenance Fees -0.0009393 BTC, NET Earnings 0.0005263 BTC (0.47% daily ROI)

Hashnest ROI

Our TOTAL NET Earnings are at 0.0018255 BTC, which translates to a TOTAL ROI of 1.62%.

Hashnest ROI

Compare Hashnest's results to GAW Miners' Hashlet Genesis, we can see how well Hashnest is going so far.

Hashlet Genesis' results for the same period were as follows:

-Oct. 27th : Payout 0.00013446 BTC, Maintenance Fee -0.00005618 BTC, NET Earnings 0.00007828 BTC

-Oct. 28th : Payout 0.00013823 BTC, Maintenance Fee -0.00005636 BTC, NET Earnings 0.00008187 BTC

-Oct. 29th : Payout 0.00014594 BTC, Maintenance Fee -0.00005886 BTC, NET Earnings 0.00008708 BTC

Since our contract is for 10GH/s for Hashlet Genesis, we multiply the NET Earnings by 10 to level with our 100GH/s contract for Hashnest.

To calculate the ROI, we will also use the current retail price of $7.95 for 10GH/s, which is $79.5 for 100 GH/s, or approximately 0.237547 BTC with the current price of 1BTC=$334.67, and we get

-Oct. 27th : NET Earnings 0.0007828 BTC (0.33% daily ROI)

-Oct. 28th :NET Earnings 0.0008187 BTC (0.34% daily ROI)

-Oct. 29th : NET Earnings 0.0008708 BTC (0.37% daily ROI)

In terms of daily ROI, Hashnest is currently outperforming GAW's Hashlet Genesis:

-Oct. 27th daily ROI : Hashnest 0.57% vs. Hashlet Genesis 0.33%

-Oct. 28th daily ROI : Hashnest 0.58% vs. Hashlet Genesis 0.34%

-Oct. 29th daily ROI : Hashnest 0.47% vs. Hashlet Genesis 0.37%


However, Hashlet Genesis are available from existing individual owners via Hash Market, and here, prices start from $0.54/GH/s at the time of this writing.

For 100GH/s, the cost to acquire Hashlet Genesis would be $54 (or 0.161353 BTC) (without taking into account transaction fess), much cheaper than buying direct from GAW at $79.5.

At Hash Market prices, daily ROI of Hashnest and Hashlet Genesis is much closer to each other:

-Oct. 27th daily ROI : Hashnest 0.57% vs. Hashlet Genesis 0.49% (purchased at Hash Market)

-Oct. 28th daily ROI : Hashnest 0.58% vs. Hashlet Genesis 0.51% (purchased at Hash Market)

-Oct. 29th daily ROI : Hashnest 0.47% vs. Hashlet Genesis 0.54% (purchased at Hash Market)

So, if you're thinking about bitcoin cloud mining and want to buy Hashlet Genesis, make sure to purchase from Hash Market!

Don't forget to check out Hashnest either!


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