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HashNest ROI : Daily ROI 0.52-0.53%, TOTAL ROI 12.91% After 29 Days of SHA256 Cloud Mining!


HashNest ROI

It's been 29 days since we began a 100 GH/s of Bitcoin cloud mining contract with Bitmain's Hashnest so we decided to see how things are going.


HashNest's Daily ROI is 0.52-0.53%

Lately, our payouts have been as follows:

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November 24th : NET payout of 0.0005795 BTC (after maintenance fees) daily ROI 0.52%

November 23rd : NET payout of 0.0006013 BTC (after maintenance fees) daily ROI 0.53%

HashNest ROI

HashNest ROI 12.91% After 29 Days of SHA256 Cloud Mining

Our TOTAL payouts after 29 days of Bitcoin cloud mining is 0.0145217 BTC.

HashNest ROI

Based on our purchase price of 0.1125 BTC for 100 GH/s, our TOTAL ROI is at 12.91%.

At the current pace of about 0.52% in daily ROI, it will take 168 days (less than 6 months) to reach 100% ROI.


Maintenance Fees at HashNest Had Dropped Nearly 30%!

Maintenance fees at HashNest used to be $0.00318/GHS/Day or $0.318/Day for 100 GH/s, but now they have been lowered to $0.00228/GHS/Day or $0.228/Day for 100 GH/s.

We don't know exactly when fees were lowered, but the drop of nearly 30% was quite significant and has had positive impact on ROI at HashNest.

For example our payouts after maintenance fees on Nov. 5th and 6th were

Nov. 5th : 0.0003189 BTC (0.28% daily ROI)

Nov. 6th : 0.0002994 BTC (0.27% daily ROI)

but our payouts on have almost doubled by Nov. 23rd and 24th:

November 24th : 0.0005795 BTC (0.52% daily ROI)

November 23rd : 0.0006013 BTC (0.53% daily ROI)

This is partly due to the rise in BTC price from around $338 on Nov. 5th to $367 on Nov. 23rd, but more significant was the drop in maintenance fees.

We don't know why or how the maintenance fees were reduced, but it's a great trend for users and we hope to see this continue in the future.


With Daily ROI of Over 0.52%, HashNest is Becoming an Attractive Choice

HashNest's payout ROI of around 0.52% after maintenance fees is not as high as PB Mining's daily ROI of about 0.83% in SHA256 cloud mining nor Litecoin GEAR's daily ROI of about 1.77% in Litecoin cloud mining.

But, compared to some prominent scrypt cloud mining services like Genesis Mining (0.22% Daily ROI (for 100 MH/s purchased at $1,499/100MH/s)) or ZeusHash (0.11% Daily ROI (for 1MH/s purchased at $15.99/MH/s)), HashNest is providing higher ROI.

ZeusHash is quickly becoming an attractive choice in Bitcoin cloud mining and cloud mining in general, and if maintenance fees were to drop further in the future, we would seriously consider buying additional hash power.

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