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Hashnest ROI December 2nd 2014 : 0.56% Daily ROI!TOTAL ROI 16.71% After 37 Days!


Hashnest ROI December 3rd 2014

Hashnest Payout was 0.0006344 BTC or 0.56% in Daily ROI on December 2nd 2014

Hashnest payout was 0.0006344 BTC (after maintenance fees) on December 2nd 2014.  Based on our investment of 0.1125 BTC for 100 GH/s of cloud mining power at Hashnest, our daily ROI on December 2nd was 0.56%.

We were surprised to find out that our payouts and daily ROI has increased from our last review on November 24th.  As a reference, our payouts on November 23rd and November 24th were as follows:

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November 24th : NET payout of 0.0005795 BTC (after maintenance fees) daily ROI 0.52%

November 23rd : NET payout of 0.0006013 BTC (after maintenance fees) daily ROI 0.53%

Bitcoin difficulty dropped on December 2nd by 0.73%.  Perhaps this recent drop in difficulty is contributing to the rise in payouts.

Hashnest ROI December 3rd 2014


Hashnest ROI 16.71% After 37 Days of Cloud Mining

Hashnest ROI December 3rd 2014

Our total payouts after 37 days of cloud mining at Hashnest is at 0.0188026 BTC or 16.71% of our initial investment of 0.1125 BTC.

At the current pace of about 0.56% in daily ROI, it will take about 149 days or about 5 months to reach 100% ROI, with Bitcoin difficulty stable at the current levels (which would likely not be the case, but Bitcoin difficulty has been more or less stable for the past month or so).


Hashnest Proving To Be an Attractive Service Provider

Its' been 37 days since we have given Hashnest a go, and so far, Hashnest has been performing in a stable manner.  Initial ROI was around 0.42% in the beginning of November, but due to the rise of Bitcoin price and subsequent lowering of maintenance fees (which are charged in USD), our daily ROI has improved to around 0.56%.

If Bitcoin price rises further and maintenance fees are reduced further in BTC, then Hashnest is bound to become an even more attractive destination for SHA256 cloud mining.

We're putting HashNest on our watch list and plan to increase our mining hash rate in the near future.

Hashnest ROI December 3rd 2014



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